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    LOW END Config/Mod Question

    Hey there! This is my first post and I know i'm posting in the wrong section but "General Discussion" is grayed out for me so I hope an admin can see this and reposition it. Sorry. Now to what actually matters. First off, I love this game. It's one of the more interesting concepts that I've ever came across and I've played it around 80 hours already. The thing is, I want to play it much, much more but not without my buddy in co-op. So I went on and got him a copy of the game through Steam and we played for some time but, I didn't knew that his PC would struggle to maintain 20 FPS at the lowest possible game settings. Luckily, there seems to be the modification for people with low end systems that allows the game to be played simply by tweaking some of the game's setting, making them go below the standard lowest preset. So my question is, is this OK? If my friend was to use this modification in order to be able to play the game with me with an acceptable FPS, would he get banned and/or penalized by Steam's VAC? He doesn't want to do it until the developers confirm that it's it perfectly fine to do this and he already asked around Twitter but got no reply. Please let me know, we are anxious to continue to explore Harran and the countryside carefree. P.S. This is the modification in question that he would use.