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    gtasthehunter got a reaction from moosedawg in Squirrelly Galucho Transcow   
    And yeah that Galucho Transcow trailer is really bad and way too small! 
    And on ps4 there is a bug when travelling with vehicles they move way too slow until you save and reload the game. if trying to pull something like Galucho Transcow or a dolly with semi-trailer just reload it should be pulled a bit better!
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    gtasthehunter reacted to Gabrielmpf in Pedestrians in Japan   
    This is another annoying thing I've noticed when I'm in Japan.
    There are too many pedestrians, and they're so annoying and nosy. They don't respect private property and walk right through your fields and orchards.
    We need to teach them some boundaries .
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    gtasthehunter reacted to moosedawg in Option for weights vs percentages in storage   
    Maybe I'm not seeing it in the tablet or in the options, because I'm clearly not seeing it on the silo/storage tooltip, but it would be nice to have a way to see the actual amount of crop you have in storage (weight in lbs or tons) versus the percentage, after all, market prices are based on tonnage, not storage percentage. I find the percentage pretty useless in all reality.  There's already a bar there telling me how much of the storage that crop is taking up. What I'd really like to see is how much I actually have in storage by weight so I can determine how many trailer loads I have or if I even have a full trailer load in there, which helps in determining if I want to sell that crop or hold on to it until I have a full trailer load.  Having both of those statistics would be the ideal, better yet would be a way to switch between the two.
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    gtasthehunter reacted to James Gallagher in PS4 version is fucked. Wish i could get my money back.   
    We are working on the next patch guys, please bear with us. As mentioned on here, you may find that things are better if you start a new game. We're working on a solution so that all fixes will apply to save files from before the patch, and that will hopefully come in the next update.
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    gtasthehunter reacted to Irish farmer in PS4 version is fucked. Wish i could get my money back.   
    Cheers James 
    Any chance something can be done with the spam on the forum
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    gtasthehunter got a reaction from Irish farmer in Baling   
    Well before the 2 patches, this almost seems like an exploit. If you have straw left on a field and let a worker work if they can work they should release a bale no matter how much is inside. 
    I want a 3-row mower for the front and a 3 to 1 row - windrower for the back
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    gtasthehunter reacted to Michał Rainert in PS4 player   
    Thank you for kind words. I can assure you we are working hard on fixing the issues, also a new content is going to be released soon. So - please stay tuned for more details :-)
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    gtasthehunter reacted to Irish farmer in PS4 player   
    Just wanted to say really nice game and good job developers, I know a lot of people are having problems with different parts of the game, I have been playing since release date and have no problems to date even after the updates, wanted to let techland know this keep up the good work it can't be easy keeping going with all the negativity going around 
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    gtasthehunter got a reaction from Irish farmer in ALERT! Still crashing, equipment spawning out of bounds   
    You can teleport vehicles to owned sheds or fields, or with the drone, you can transfer anything not hooked up to a vehicle or device to owned sheds that is how you recover devices like spreaders, seeders, trailers this info should have been in the game. 
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    gtasthehunter reacted to bostonjohnny1226 in Weather forecasts   
    Having this ingame would be great. Why water your field if its gonna rain?
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    gtasthehunter reacted to cd_BE in Potato harvest (worker) and pigsty problems   
    The hire/rehire is the best way to harvest potato's atm. But I sold everything that has anything to do with potatoes. It's like you said it's that bad even worse. 
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    gtasthehunter reacted to cd_BE in Potato harvest (worker) and pigsty problems   
    @PetterCZ I think we all do.
    For Potato harvest they have to rethink tings. Even if you put a trailer next to it, they start unloading but as soon as they have a little bit of empty room (20kg) the AI worker starts driving off. 
    So like someone said here the only option is to fire the retarded worker and unload it by yourself and rehire someone new for the next batch. 
    I hope we get something like the Grimme VARITRON 470 

    the equipment we have now is just not compatible with the AI.
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    gtasthehunter reacted to bostonjohnny1226 in After the patch 112   
    On pc i have i think 12 save slots. I alternate saves between 2 of them in case of a crash so i have 1 to fall back on
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    gtasthehunter reacted to FarmerJimbob in Pig Trading (Side Quest)   
    I’m all for animal rights, but surely we could fit more than 4 pigs on the Galucho transporter without animal activists starting protests outside our farms??