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    The Goats are coming, the goats are coming.

    Problem with that is you have to remember or have made a note when you bought the animals, notifications should help with this now too.
  2. gtasthehunter

    The Goats are coming, the goats are coming.

    Sell before they get old to get 500/400 for adult cows get less if they are old same with other animals get less when they become old but if sell cows/sheep too soon won't get milk/wool that fast! Same with goats soon. But if you never sell they die and lose out on any money!
  3. gtasthehunter

    Tractors are underpowered

    Having to save and reload just to get it moving faster is annoying I'm just going to wait till patch fixes it before I travel to other maps again!
  4. gtasthehunter

    The Goats are coming, the goats are coming.

    I don't really care about animals. Like with 45 cows and the small trailer! it would take 11.25 trips to sell them all to make 22500 or use tablet to make 18000 and lose 4500 11.25 trips to sell cows is way too many! Even if there was a bigger that might hold 6 cows it would still take 7 trips and then sell the last 1 using the tablet. If there were 1 of each animal pen somewhat close to where you sell them then it wouldn't be so bad.
  5. gtasthehunter

    Special Silo?!?

    It is just grass storage you use a bucket to get the grass out for the mixing trailer or you just sell it using the tablet
  6. gtasthehunter

    Why can't straw be windrowed or picked up?!

    Well, there is a real windrower like it or similar to it that seen one like it in a video. Not that long ago.
  7. gtasthehunter

    Forager Functions on harvesters

    I just checked again with PALESSE GS16 and I if you hold R1 you can Straw cut or straw dump I was sure that wasn't there before but maybe that was just the PALESSE GS575 unlike in the video below where I was able to Straw Cut or Straw dump with the GS575!
  8. gtasthehunter

    Why can't straw be windrowed or picked up?!

    I can't say why but the trailer seems to be only for grass to make loading the grass storage easier? And the baler is for grass and straw Well, the one and only windrower in the game is actually bad cause it will only windrow one row at a time.
  9. gtasthehunter

    Squirrelly Galucho Transcow

    If you take vehicles with you they will drive slower till you save and reload And this is in the 1.14 patch notes which is what I'm waiting for! I still play it just don't travel anywhere anymore! Fixed a bug where vehicles transported to another country drove more slowly. I save reload soon after this point in the video below and the speed returns to normal!
  10. gtasthehunter

    BUG - Italy - Long Time to Load

    If on ps4 could try safe mode and rebuild database seems like that checks disc and defrags or something similar. I was able to travel between Montana and Columbia with Landini REX left in Columbia haven't re-visited other maps cause of slow speed bug when travelling with vehicles till you save and reload! And I won't even go back to Columbia either till the next patch hopefully fixes this!
  11. gtasthehunter

    Time to retire

    The game isn't broken! And for PS4 there is a new patch coming soon maybe before the end of the month or sometime next month maybe in the 1st week of next month. And It isn't that bad, and I'm not having to refuel that often but it does seem to cost a bit more and what fuel setting are you evening using? Before starting or loading a game you can change how much fuel is consumed in one of the option settings, not really sure what setting would be best either.
  12. gtasthehunter

    Squirrelly Galucho Transcow

    And yeah that Galucho Transcow trailer is really bad and way too small! And on ps4 there is a bug when travelling with vehicles they move way too slow until you save and reload the game. if trying to pull something like Galucho Transcow or a dolly with semi-trailer just reload it should be pulled a bit better!
  13. gtasthehunter

    Empty Bailer Function

    That is only grass storage need bucket or sell grass from the tablet it isn't for fermenting silage can't see why you can collect grass again with bailer later either. then wrap it for silage! Workers will unload and continue but now they only see to run one row and stop but before they would at least do the whole field but it was also really buggy!
  14. gtasthehunter

    Forager Functions on harvesters

    On ps4 you can't stop the staw dump!
  15. gtasthehunter

    Empty Bailer Function

    would be better if we could dump it somewhere and pick it up later Well, can't you just use the forage/loading trailer to get grass and store it and use the bailer to get straw?
  16. gtasthehunter

    Forager Functions on harvesters

    It was removed for some reason maybe by accident? I want it back to but really you just have to plow or cultivate over it to remove it or just collect it, or just leave straw there and the straw goes away after some time.
  17. gtasthehunter

    Storage in Other Countries too Small

    Well, it doesn't do that on the campaign I've seen the same price for Rye for a long time and I haven't sold any grains besides the 1st batch from the task.
  18. gtasthehunter

    Tactors Need Repairs Way Too Often

    I haven't seen the need to repair that often just what are you even doing to have to do repairs? And If you hit things or that might cause the need for more repairs then needed. How often do you speed/slow up time? I just had a thought what if you speed up time after harvesting where nothing could wither It may speed up the damage done to vehicles while time is sped up! I never really thought about this before but it should be tested.
  19. I kind of repeated this and got to 37% apples and 47% Peppers
  20. gtasthehunter

    Storage in Other Countries too Small

    I think if you hold on to crops any types of crops you may actually never see any price changes or anything that big if an increase! Especially on the campaign, I haven't sold any grains since that task had me sell wheat and there has been no change since in any of off the prices that could change when my campaign becomes Free Farming again!
  21. gtasthehunter

    Edits proposals wishes

    To be able to sell fields you're not using anymore or don't want to use, I would say the same about unsued orchards and greenhouses! Or maybe rent them out somehow This is likely asking to allow us to change the recommended crops for each field like Montana Field #4 recommends root corps! No, they can't remove teleport what if something gets stuck on land like on a rock or something! And it still costs 150 each time to teleport vehicles+ devices full or not each time and it does add up too or it costs 30 to transport using the drone at sheds with unattached vehicles and devices
  22. gtasthehunter

    PC Update 1.1.4 Patch Notes

    A video showing this would explain more.
  23. gtasthehunter

    Auto Save Option

    Just any normal autosave won't help it will need to alternate between 2 autosave slots and not just 1 autosave slot, and still allows for manual saves!
  24. gtasthehunter

    BUG - Can't buy Sheep

    seem like pigs should sell for 1000 or 800 if you use the tablet! Source
  25. gtasthehunter

    Feeding cows correctly

    As of now, it seems like you can only wrap grass bales and wait a few days if you walk up to them they at first will sell for 100 when they become silage they will sell for 200. then you use the bale-grab to put in the mixer I don't know the best mixture either, Use a bucket to get grass from storage into the mixer or just sell grass from storage using the tablet or bale grass