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  1. Eamo22

    Dead or what

    Havent logged in a while or played the game. Honestly taught by now the forums would be full of new news and good updates. Is the games still a mess or have they fixed the issues
  2. Eamo22


    Whats the story with the spam
  3. Eamo22

    Since latest patch

    Haven't even moved to Japan yet just playing Montana. But I will have a look over the next evening or two
  4. Eamo22

    Since latest patch

    Well started a new game and havent seen any of the issues from the last couple of days. No crashes, no missing machines and on Montana. Once you get into it the map its really impressive. I was sceptical as others were. But the fixes have dramatically improved game play. The A1 is a little off ploughing and sowing still but thats minor compared to issues over recent days. After a few hours I havent seen any other problems just yet
  5. Eamo22

    Bunch of amateurs

    Cool thanks for the responses. Might just start a new game and see what happens later
  6. Eamo22

    Patch 1.03

    Must try it later and see if were ok. Persume there will be more little issues but if its playable ill be happy enough
  7. Eamo22

    Patch 1.03

    Hope so. If it does fair play to them. Sony aint the quickest to allow patches so if they have pushed fixes so quickly Ill be impressed
  8. Eamo22

    Bunch of amateurs

    Delighted to see the patch today. Installed it and played for a few hours and no crashes on ps4. Turned it back on now load my save and all of my machinery is gone. Combine left with no header is what I have. Complete time wasters. Last game I buy from them. Its bad enough they didnt test the game but to push fixes without testing them proves they haven't a clue. Comical
  9. Eamo22

    Game is a complete mess

    Its not a bad game dont get me wrong apart from the crashing. I only posted as they blame that error code on psn. When its there game. The game was pushed too early but if that was there plan. Patches should be pushed as quick as possible.
  10. Got this at launch and only started playing it Sunday. On ps4 pro and about 25 crashes later I gave up. The same Ce348780 error every time. Of course on the help section its blamed on the psn network. Spend my day off yesterday factory reset my ps4 pro. Insert the disc. Install it download the update and start playing the game. After about 2 hours the game crashes same error code. Start it up again pick up a few saphires and crashes again. Waste of time and unless its fixed its a complete waste of money. Installed a few other games and there not crashing. Issue is with this game unfortunately