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  1. Weaponz248

    Console update 1.1.4 out now

    Yay I can buy sheep! But as others have said I had to rebut the greenhouse in Germany but can't upgrade because it's blocked. I even started a fresh free farming gaming and still couldn't upgrade it. Also I had no feed either but the next day at 0600 I had feed in the troughs. This is on xbox.
  2. Weaponz248

    The Goats are coming, the goats are coming.

    I just want to be able to buy sheep in Germany....... But those orange orchards would be nice too.
  3. Weaponz248


    I think the coffee, grape, and olive orchards it will be to big. I think any orchard you spray 4 rows it will be to big.
  4. Xbox one player here. No water issues at all. I did notice the sprayer animation changed to a finer spray and the water animation while spraying the field is finer as well
  5. Weaponz248

    Option for weights vs percentages in storage

    Just remember the selling agricultural materials page show prices 20% less then market value.
  6. Weaponz248

    Option for weights vs percentages in storage

    Go to your tablet then the sell tab I think, second one down, and select stock market. There you can see prices and your stored grain amount
  7. Weaponz248

    Camera Reset or Center Option

    Would absolutely love to see the ability to reset or center the camera on console. Even if I have to cycle the camera to get it to reset. Also I'm not really a fan of the camera remembering its position.
  8. Weaponz248

    Colombia Hemp Storage

    Hemp storage in Colombia is currently 50t. I'm averaging about 4t of hemp per acre. Meaning the hemp storage can support roughly 12.5 acres. The biggest field is 21 acres which comes out to about 84t of hemp meaning you would have to sell 34t during the harvest. It would be nice to have the storage increased to 100t so we could play the market prices better.
  9. Weaponz248

    My rice farm

    Nice tip. Curious as to it only working with the 10 ton trailer. It looks as if the 16 ton would fit, barely, but why not use the 8 ton db8 and just link a few together?
  10. Good stuff guys. Did you test in Montana or everywhere? Just curious I started a new save when 1.1.2 came out I started in Germany and moved to Colombia. When I got to Colombia I bought both vehicles included in the patch. I have yet to experience any issues. So I'm curious if maybe the new vehicles aren't compatible with the previous version of the game.
  11. I had the same issue. I was on day 33 of free farming and had just moved to Colombia. Bought 11 jcb tractors 10 of which sunk through the ground. So I saved and reloaded and lost my equipment. I said chupacabra it and deleted the save and started from scratch with a million dollars. So far it seems like the versions maybe be in compatible as far as saves go. If that makes sense. This is on Xbox my the way.
  12. Weaponz248


    Wool goes for $400 per bag. Each pallet is 20 bags giving you 80 bags at 100% full. Selling for $32000. Lambs cost $60 and you can hold 35. As sheep they sell for $48 so not profitable there but the wool makes up for it. Feed cost $25 a bag and you'll need 100 bags to fill to 100% So if you are starting out it will cost you about $5000 to get started but 5 days later youll sell 80 bags of wool turning roughly a $27000 profit. Something I did notice was if you keep the feed full you won't get a lot of wool. I made sure to keep my feed at 100% so I didn't have to worry but never got more then 2 pallets of wool. Then I was preping to leave Germany to go to Colombia so I didn't feed my sheep because they were at the end of the adult cycle. As soon as they hit 0 food I went from 1 and a half pallets to 4 full pallets. So if you are going with sheep I say feed them once and then let the food run out. Sell buy repeat.
  13. Weaponz248


    Cool thanks. Guess I'll just have to take the plunge
  14. Weaponz248


    Started Free Farm mode in Germany, Fairly easy map to be honest. However I have a question. Whats the deal with sheep? I can't find any info on them. Do they only eat the prepared food or can I feed them grass? How long do they live etc?