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  1. The Liquid fertiliser status bar disappered when i reloaded the game again. I'm hoping that the patch for consoles will comeĀ  very soon because the campaign mode is very nice to play. I played FS 15 and 17 and Real Farm, and from all those games this one has the best campaign.

    Another glitch i encountered is that the time speeds up and my time rate is just 1. This happened randomly.

  2. Yesterday evening suddenly my tractor started to float and turn around in the air. He collapsed and returned to the map half in the ground in front of the barn. I also had the time suddenly consisting of 6 digits, for example 03: 114. I also got 1% at the top of each game menu "liquid fertilizer". A restart has corrected this. The Montana map is also very unstable. Even the hired workers sometimes do not want to do their job. Perhaps you can also ensure that you can use several workers per field.

    I hope that there will be an update for the consloe very soon. I play the game on a PS4 PRO.