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  1. 11 hours ago, BladeMaster said:

    increase the number of medical kits and flares made by projects, today are only 2 at a time which takes a lot to do. In a pvp match spend easy 30 items

    If it is not possible the above option increases the amount gained after a death, something between 3 ~ 6 flares and medic kits


  2. 1 hour ago, BladeMaster said:
    • 1º " #1 thing I like:  I'd say the DFA is fine the way it is right now, this was definitely the best change I believe 
    • 2º   "Survivor sense suppressors need to be multiplied, or create a new spit from using two sense suppressors, which would still remain on human even after death, or something like this. "

    1º :  DFA: minimum height needs to be lowered, today 8 meters needs to jump from buildings which makes it bad, I think it has to be 5 meters so it will not be possible to do a jump on a bus, but it will not be necessary to jump from tall buildings. It will be good for the human and the hunter being able to leave traps for humans who try DFA.


    2º  : Do not mess with it, it will become stressful for humans, if you just want to disable hud, not all people are professionals or use headphones. if you mess with it the hunters will not fight any more, they'll just wait to fill the spits and shoot the 100 meters.

    I agree with all the rest that the blademaster said


    • #1 thing I want: 

    eliminate the patch that makes humans run involuntarily should the hunter scratch it

    English is not my language, forgive me for typos and do not ignore me