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  1. smoking_jay

    Milk sale mission

    Hey guys, are there any missions after selling the milk to the creamery?
  2. smoking_jay

    23 March Update on PC

    I changed mine to Alt. It is overlooked but it isn't that big an issue.
  3. smoking_jay


    Well, this is what I know so far -- a field can be ploughed directly after harvest; a field can be sprayed when its status is growing; personally I cultivate all my fields, even the wheat ones, I think it should be beneficial, otherwise why is there a percentage indicator for it (?). When you say colour coding do you mean the change in a field's colour when you irrigate it, etc? If yes, I look at a field from a distance in order to spot missed patches of land easily, hope it helps. Edit: Are you playing on PC or a console?
  4. smoking_jay


    I just had the same issue with the sprayer when I tried using it on a field that was just sown, however on the ones that were grown it works no problem. Seems I have to figure out at what stage it works for the irrigating. Do you have any idea about that?
  5. smoking_jay


    Will it be possible to hire workers for Irrigating in version 1.1.2 because now it says There is no work by ''Irrigation'' ?
  6. smoking_jay

    Has anyone noticed

    where exactly do you mean?
  7. smoking_jay

    Potato harvest (worker) and pigsty problems

    TBH it works if you just reload the save -- no need to quit the game. It works in my case.
  8. Hi I've got a couple of issues right now. First one is that whenever I assign a worker to harvest a potato field and the harvester's storage fills up, the worker won't unload the potatoes in an empty trailer I park next to the machine. Is this a bug or is it designed that way? It would make sense for it to be working the same way as the grain harvesters, no? Second issue I have is that I can not feed my pigs any potatoes. I load the potatoes in a trailer, go to the pigsty, roll up next to the machine, the game prompts me to press R, but then I just hear the sound of the potatoes pouring out, no animation, no change in the quantity in the trailer, no change in the percentages in the pigsty's status. If anyone can help, It will be much appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  9. Hey man, have you experienced an issue where you can unload potatoes or wheat only from the last trailer in your chain? When I try to sell or store my produce, I always have to unhook the trailers one by one to do it. Thanks in advance
  10. smoking_jay

    Pig food

    Huh, that's strange... it could be because of the trailer .. which one do you use for it?
  11. smoking_jay

    Pig food

    Hi, I have a problem with that exact ''unloading of potatoes". When I press ''R'' next to the steamer, I can hear the sound of the potatoes unloading, but the kg's in the trailer don't change, and nothing goes in the pigsty. Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?