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    Game Suggestions

    I have played this game for a while now and really love playing it. Some suggestions to make what is for me a great game even better. - Add an Autosave option - Put in a bigger self drive potato harvester, the one that does 2 lines work on the smaller fields, but as soon as you go to a bigger field it takes forever to harvest the potatoes. - Add more crops that you can plant, we only have one root plant and 3 grains, there is a lot more variety that you get. - Add more variety to the produce that can be planted in the green houses, - Add a barn where you can store the grass bales, sillage & hay bales, you have trailers where you can load the bales and transport them, but there is no storage space for it. - Maybe add a notification or something that you can check how far the sillage is from being ready for feeding to cattle. - Add a option to upgrade the potato storage, it can only thake 54t which is not enough to even store the potatoes off a small field of about 1.4 ha. Also improve the conveyer belts that load potatoes onto a truck, it takes forever to load a 25t truck. Thank you