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  1. AnxiousShadow

    Absolutely unplayable on PS4, save data corruption

    You say you have only had the game freeze on montana? I may try a farm somewhere else Um, never crashed while saving ..almost always when either 1.Clicking the stick to bring up my vehicle wheel or map, or 2. going into the sleep circle. I think the freeze only happens on menu transitions. Also my 2nd file that corrupted wasn't even caused by a game crash, I went and saved ...example I had $75 in my account, my last save had $45. When I saved I noticed it did not change the $45 to the updated balance in the save description. So I closed the game normally, loaded it a back up and sure enough it was corrupted
  2. AnxiousShadow

    Absolutely unplayable on PS4, save data corruption

    Please make sure u back up your save to the cloud ever so often, or if ur not ps plus do usb backup if you can. I have not, but I sent them a tweet, I will def do a support ticket as well, because I want this issue to be known and worked on asap. I know console patches take way longer than pc, but hopefully they "know".
  3. My first save lasted 20 hours or so, the game freezes every 20 min so it's no surprise it got corrupted I shook it off, started a second file, no more that 5 hours it corrupted. So I guess I am done for now, is this even being addressed?