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  1. cd_BE

    PS4 Version 1.1.2 Patch Notes

    Yeah, we know about this problem. If i'm not mistaken the solution is after you travel to Colombia save and reload the game. Then the performance is fixed. I'm not sure who found this here on the forums, but someone posted it last week.
  2. cd_BE

    100 Sapphires?

    Indeed they are. I started a new game and found them all now. I think I will look for the one missing some other time. I still want to know where the little is hiding.
  3. cd_BE

    Problem with pigs sidequest

    If you buy the pig pen next to the cow pen/chickenpens you have to build/buy during the campaign you normally can buy pigs there. If you have potatoes from the other quest you can steam them and feed them to the piglets. They sell for more if they eat better. But of you started the side quest already you don't have enough time to breed new pigs...
  4. cd_BE

    100 Sapphires?

    Nope, Video next to me and I drove the same way. Stoped, got out looked at the coordinates on the pictures: nothing to see/glow. I'm thinking just starting a new game and look for them again from scratch... but first the breeding animal's trophy.
  5. cd_BE

    English farms

    No goats in free farming on console (PS4)(, yet).
  6. cd_BE

    English farms

    I see, not a American... The goat thing, I think it's also a Gemly Exclusive like the Orange plantation in Italy. Or it's a clue for the first DLC for Pure farming.
  7. cd_BE

    English farms

    Can't say that I have. But I think we gonna get goat in Montana, someday...
  8. Only if you buy the black JCB in a pre-patch save. If you start a new game post-patch you can buy the black JCB without any problems.
  9. I had a crash too today when I was loading the milk challenge. But there working on the next patch so; third time's the charm.
  10. Oh, well we can't have it all, can we. But maybe some patch notes or a hint for something new
  11. cd_BE

    problem with work tools

    Restart a new game & Save because the pre-patch saves aren't compatible with the patch.
  12. cd_BE

    100 Sapphires?

    Yeah, I think that's the plan for today. Now i'm just curious where the little rock is hiding.
  13. cd_BE

    Something to look into

    I did some sort of a grid walk there looked under all the rocks and behind all the trees. Today I'm at it again. I'm thinking I missed nr. 97 on Farmer's map. But when I look at the video & pictures provide by this awesome community there were it should be, it isn't.
  14. cd_BE

    Something to look into

    @James Gallagher or @Marta Kowalczyk something to add to the user Wishlist
  15. cd_BE

    Something to look into

    I'm properly the only one, but we need a Sapphires detector. Don't care if it's for sale for 1.000.000€/$ I'm missing one, and can't seem to find it...
  16. I got that one too. I send them 1000 of mails and tweets about the Big Boss trophy and other stuf. But it was playable if you had a lot of time... Did you meet him, in Forestry?
  17. cd_BE

    100 Sapphires?

    Oh, damn... finding the last one seems a impossible task. I checked the map 3 times and still nothing . I'm starting to think I keep missing the same one, that's a achievement on it's own isn't it? Time to go trough it a 4th time: DOGGED DOES IT or how do you say it in English
  18. Same here, after the patches the games is stable. Some little waterbugs and spooky trailers but nothing gamebreakinig. And I'm playing on a classic PS4. @FarmerJimbob on a PS4pro if i'm not mistaken. So that can't be the reason why you still have problems. Maybe this Techland Customer Support solution will work for you: Good luck, @IwasLikeBangBang!
  19. Is that after you uses a worker? If so, after you "fired" him get in and out from the tractor and try again. That did it for me, pre patch. Post-patch I haven't started potatoes...
  20. cd_BE

    Something to look into

    Or more. Aren't pigs usually transported by 30?
  21. So the water bug is PS4 only. Good to know and pinpoint the problem. I have faith in them. We had to wait a while but in the end they came trough.
  22. Oh, I only had rain in Japan. No thunder though... Something to look forward to reading this. Always glad to help.
  23. cd_BE

    100 Sapphires?

    Thanks @gtasthehunter. I'm currently using @Farmer guide with the drone. Made up a little story in my mind. After a hard day at work, my farmer relax in his house before the television and is watching the drone flying over his fields...
  24. If I was you, I would delete my mail from that post! In any case, that solution doesn't work. Tried it, and told support. Guess they haven't read my reply yet. I think the water bug is in 1.13 in 1.12 it stil worked. Tested that one with my 44 extra free SE tractors. Yeah, they have something here. For a first time farming sim, they have good ideas and the good job part is coming.
  25. cd_BE

    PS4 player

    That's what you get if you start abroad