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  1. cd_BE

    PS4 Pre-Order

    The free DLC download automatically once the main game downloaded. I only had to go to downloads and install the manually for some reason...
  2. cd_BE

    Quest: Biograss Factory

    How did you get the SIPMA NS 1600 KOMBO? I have that task but I don't have the required level to buy the SIPMA. And as far as I figure out you only level up if you complete tasked. Did all the question marks I could do. Saving up to buy the pear field, or whatever it is called...
  3. cd_BE

    Great plains seeder question

    And as far as I know you can't unload the seeder without loosing the seeds from the first batch. I started with barley and I wanted to plant wheat. But the barley seeds can't be stored anywhere. Only solution I found was to buy a new seeder for wheat seeds. Next I think I have to buy a new seeder for rye so I don't lose the seeds...