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  1. cd_BE

    My rice farm

    So the cost of the equipment and time needed to plant rice doesn't bring much profit. Especially with the 2300kg rice you can harvest and unload.. To do something while my cherries grow I have my three rice fields in Japan. To speed things up, I did this: Works well, but time consuming and workers can't do this, sadly... Nevertheless I thought I share it with my fellow farmers! Happy farming!
  2. cd_BE

    I quit

    I think most of us quit. These forumes are dead quit and I haven't played the game in months.
  3. cd_BE

    Crop suggestions

    So basically when that other farming simulator game is out they think they have fixed everything for console farmers... I wonder who will still playing this game in 6 months. I think they should stop with this game for console, and start a new build for console for Pure Farming 2020. I gladly help them test it and write some sort of farmer story and quest to do. I still think this game has potential, but the time it will take to fix this has a pernicious effect on Pure Farming 2018
  4. cd_BE

    Orange DLC Finally Coming...But

    So I thought to wait for the Orange DLC for writing the review but after the last patch I had some problems playing the game so for the greater good I decided to write and post it. It's in Dutch, so I doubt many off you can read it. But you can look at the pictures
  5. cd_BE

    Crop Wither

    If you get them first in campaign mode and next in free mode you have two times the reward. I believe here: But like I said, i'm not a P.C. farmer so I could be wrong.
  6. cd_BE

    Crop Wither

    Money cheat? Just buy green energy and let the game run? Or is there something else? If you play on P.C. I think you could ask the mod community they make great stuff. Sadly I can only see it on the internet as I'm a console farmer. There is good guide on Game Pressure. But I don't think there is a manual.
  7. cd_BE

    Orange DLC Finally Coming...But

    I played Farming Simulator 17 again... Just to farm smooth That's what I'm saying from the beginning. But they don't release the potential. It's a invasion of bugs.... comes to think of it, that would be a nice side quest on the farm: kill the bugs in your fields
  8. cd_BE

    PC update 1.1.5 out now

    That's very plausible...
  9. cd_BE

    Orange DLC Finally Coming...But

    And that's a problem. Dev's won't update a dead game. So it will stay dead. Although it works on steam the problems are mostly console related. So maybe there is hope... Or at least beta tested by PS4 and Xbox players so that they got reports from what isn't working.
  10. cd_BE

    Orange DLC Finally Coming...But

    I have the feeling they bite off more than they can chew... The DLC is great and all but to late. The last patch didn't solve much of the problems. We waited, they tried but failed. So sad, this game has really a high fun potential...
  11. Oh, good. So it's not just me. Okay, not good but you know what I mean...
  12. cd_BE

    The Goats are coming, the goats are coming.

    PS4 free demo, you can download it in the store. I played the demo before, if you liked Heavy Rain you definitely will enjoy this. You can feel the hatred dripping of your screen just because you are a android and the fact that you know that every choice you make has consequence just makes it more realistic. Farming topic related, I installed the goats and the game is slow and the camera shaking. Not sure what happend but something went wrong...
  13. cd_BE

    The Goats are coming, the goats are coming.

    You are correct, just download them But atm I'm busy with the Detroit: Become Human demo
  14. cd_BE

    The Goats are coming, the goats are coming.

    And I don't think they said they will add a bigger trailer. So I think I'm with you not care about animals. It isn't worth the effort.
  15. cd_BE

    Special Silo?!?

    I know. But I haven't found those options in Pure Farming. It looks like it's just grass storage and nothing more.
  16. cd_BE

    Special Silo?!?

    Yeah, but if you store grass doesn't it usually fermit into silage fermentation? Weird sentence I know, but you know what I mean... right?
  17. cd_BE

    The Goats are coming, the goats are coming.

    Yeah, but I have the feeling dev team's or PR people always say they are looking into this sort of "news". If it's timed it's usually know from the beginning.
  18. cd_BE

    The Goats are coming, the goats are coming.

    As it is a Gemly exclusive it all depends on how they made the deal for the oranges. Is it a timed exclusive than maybe in a year console players can have it too. If not, we may never see the oranges. And looking at the game, it's all there they only have to enable it on console.
  19. cd_BE

    Special Silo?!?

    I had it filled 100% but nothing. But filling one up and wait doesn't take long so I can try again and see what happens or doesn't happen.
  20. cd_BE

    Why can't straw be windrowed or picked up?!

    Yeah, I don't understand why they put that in the game. Isn't very useful.
  21. cd_BE

    Special Silo?!?

    I found no option to cover the grass on PS4 to start the ferment process. I don't think it's possible...
  22. cd_BE

    Tactors Need Repairs Way Too Often

    I think they only need repairs if you hit trees/rocks and drive over hills and not following the roads.
  23. cd_BE

    Storage in Other Countries too Small

    Didn't someone thought that the more you sell the more the prices are rising.