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    SwEeT_PiCkLeS reacted to Irish farmer in PS4 version is fucked. Wish i could get my money back.   
    Does anyone remembered the C64, you could buy a game for it and it would never load . I have Forestry 2017 the simulation it was broke and never got fixed
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    SwEeT_PiCkLeS reacted to Former User in Goodby Techland and thanks for nothing   
    The new patch I got yesterday on PS4 fixes absolutely nothing and it fact break this game even further.
    - The game still crashes only now it does it even more randomly.
    - Save games are corrupted or not loaded correctly.
    - Equipment spawns in one bunch near the damm, and is damaged when it does.
    - Achievements do not work at all anymore.
    - The tablet is still unreadable on my 4K HDR screen.
    - Tractors that where previously free (like the Lindner) seem to now cost money when you buy them even though it still says 0,-.
    - Traffic vehicles seems to fly through the air above the road ??
    Next time you become jealous of Giants Farming Simulator series and decide to copy them to get in on the action you should think again and walk away because you clearly have no clue what your doing.
    You have lost me as a costumer and as a player !!
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    SwEeT_PiCkLeS reacted to cd_BE in ALERT! Still crashing, equipment spawning out of bounds   
    No problems I thought you were busy organizing the community burning. 
    If you bought the game in the store, you can ask a refund via the playstation helpdesk. The problems there are with this game, should be enough to reimburse you. If you have a hard copy, depending on where you bought it, you have to resell it as used game. Maybe the community burning is a better option.
    Let's just hope this fix doesn't take 2/3 weeks... 
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    SwEeT_PiCkLeS got a reaction from Mosko war in PS4 Patch1.1.2   
    Mierda!! That's what this game is. 
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    SwEeT_PiCkLeS got a reaction from Mosko war in Bonus DLC Tractor/Car modded for PS4   
    After i installed the new Patch, i went to buy the new tractor and car mods they gave us for appreciation. It won't let me choose a shed to put them in, and won't let me buy them at the store in the map. Anyone have any suggestions or having this issue also? 
    Update!!  The free DLC tractor and car will spawn at the Dam (Montana map). All you have to do is use "Vehicle Recovery" to get them back on dry land and in a shed of your choosing. 
    Note!  You will also have to repair them being they were spawned in "Crashed" condition.
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    SwEeT_PiCkLeS got a reaction from Gabrielmpf in Game is a complete mess   
    Will probably be a motorized wheel barrow and electric shovel.
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    SwEeT_PiCkLeS got a reaction from Gabrielmpf in Scarecrow/Greenhouse (Montana map)   
    I know right!  What the heck is he protecting?  
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    SwEeT_PiCkLeS got a reaction from bostonjohnny1226 in Straw bales   
    I don't think there is any way to sell the bales. I think you just use them to feed your livestock, but i may be wrong. I can't find any place to sell them either.