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  1. PetterCZ

    Potato harvest (worker) and pigsty problems

    In second case I have the same problem.
  2. PetterCZ


    I think that you incorrect. I try it in My first farm. Field 3 - no problem, but after plow I cannot hire a worker - I have all about fields don. I buy another field and the problem is the same - for first work - plow, no problem to hire somebody - but for another work it isn't possible I buy another field because I think that I can only for plow hire a worker - but on this field I try for first field cultivation and without problem, than I want hire somebody for plow or for sow the field or something else and I cannot.. For this moment the game isn't make any sense for me - console PS4. Will be patch for this situation?
  3. PetterCZ

    Can't hire worker

    My game shut down - error CE-34878-0 and from this moment I can't hire worker for any activity on field (all fields). Can someone help me? I trying reinstall game, but it still no work. Thanks