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  1. BigBud747

    Official Mod-Hub?

    An Offical Modhub would be nice the "unoffical" mod sites like modhoster and other are unfortunately filled with bad, bugged and stolen mods or bad convertions.
  2. BigBud747

    Suggestions for Pure Farming

    Right, GPS on console won´t be able I didn´t think of that. It is more a nice to have than a must have. While playing i remembered 3 more things: 1. With the Lindner Geotrac I cultivate at 17-18 kph maybe reduce in a patch the general workspeed ( I know I can handle it with cruise control but it´s a bit unrealistic that the base workspeed is so high imo ) 2. Attaching or detaching on a harvester or tractor automatically activates the beaconlights I don´t know if it´s a bug or a feature. 3.Adding turn signals to the vehicles. Maybe i will add more things. Edit: Realistic prices in the shop. As an example the JCB Fastrac 8330 costs 102.000€. In real life a used JCB 8310 cost 164.700 €(couldn´t find a 8330). Overall many prices are to low in the shop. It would be nice to have different prices at the selling points like the bakery and the mill. Manual engine stop/start Don´t know if it´s a bug but when leaving a vehicle the brakelights stay on and glow red.
  3. BigBud747

    Suggestions for Pure Farming

    Hello, excuse my bad english it´s not my first language. Here are a few things i like to see/change in Pure Farming. 1. Please add an option to disable the displayed buttons right to the minimap, like its possible with the upper left menu with the F1 button. 2.More crops available on Montana (I think it´s the main map). It would be nice to sow grass on the fields ( in FS i use the old smaller fields that I don´t need anymore for grass ) 3.Add corn to make silage for the cows and the biogasplant. 4.For cultivate/sowing or any kind of fieldwork it would be nice to have GPS (like ) I have no idea if it´s possible in Pure Farming. The first patch was a good step into the right direction, keep up the good work so far i´m enjoying your game.