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    Installing mods

    This website just steals mod from original. here is original link: http://www.pf2018mods.com/tractors/john-deere-3030-tractor/
  2. zildjian45

    Installing mods

    here is best place to dowload http://www.pf2018mods.com/
  3. zildjian45

    First details on modding tools for Pure Farming 2018

    Please share!!! Very good job
  4. Hello, i'm looking Pure Farming 2018 mod creators. I pay for your mods, you can just convert mods from Farming Simulator 17 and that's it. Only thing, this mod should work on Pure Farming 2018. Contact email: bestmodscommunity@gmail.com
  5. zildjian45

    Official Mod-Hub?

    I use that "PC" part of those instructions: http://www.pf2018mods.com/install-pure-farming-2018-mods/
  6. zildjian45

    Official Mod-Hub?

    At this moment it's ok for me. That one works perfect, so i don't see any problems
  7. zildjian45

    Official Mod-Hub?

    Here is only one mod already on this site. And it's works for me. http://www.pf2018mods.com/tractors/buehrer-6135-a-tractor/ They also looking for modders and pay them for create mods. I'm now reading manual how to create and probably share my mods on that website. And also get revenue, sounds cool for me.