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  1. Dear Techland! Please, make for the DL a new DLC Campaigne like "The Following"! I really need it! I don't want and I can't play dumb Farcry5 or anything else, I'm a DL junkie...
  2. Hello, Techland and DL's honorable society! According to the info on the Community Bounties webpage, there is a Gold-Tier Weapon Blueprint as one part of the reward for the Harran Egg Hunt event. Today I got as a reward of the participation in the Harran Egg Hunt: 2 Gold-Tier Weapons and "The Joker" Outfit, which I already have. So, the questions are: where can I get the Gold-Tier Weapon Blueprint? And was "The Joker" Outfit the replacement to the Gold-Tier Weapon Blueprint or not? I'll very appreciate any answers of the people aware of this situation. Thank You for Your attention and time. P.S. Sgt. Deathrow was never met in Old Town during the Harran Egg Hunt event on the highest difficulty level. What should be done to find and kick his chupacabra solo?
  3. I like this March content drop )) Thank You very much, Techland! Chasing the rabbits is fun ))))
  4. Tianuchka

    Suggestion regarding crafting speed (Too slow)

    I'm fully support!
  5. Dear Dying Light crew and other honourable audience! First of all, I'm a great fan of the Dying Light, I love DL very much! It's one of my favorite games! But there are a few moments I'd like to draw Your attention to: 1) Please, make a use of the long Down button push of the Dualshock's D-pad. For example, as for now, by pushing Down button of the D-pad once, the Firs Aid Kit will be used. But pushing it long the popup menu with the 4 items would be nice as it is for the Left and Right D-pad buttons. But the long Down D-pad button push could be connected only with the health and stamina: strenght/stamina boosters, hunter vision and so on. 2) Make a possibility of the group item creation: for example, I don't want to sit for the 5 minutes to create 100 health kits, i want to click it once and choose a quantity of the items to be created, based on the quantity of the needed items on hands. The precise quantity could be useful to choose via the sensor touchpad or the clockwise/counter clockwise left/right stick movements. 3) Is it possible, what a continious tasks/missions in Quarantine zones such as "Stuffed Turtle", "Underground Parking", "Chemical storage" and so on could be totaly unchecked in the mission list? The problem is, what if I walk through the "Stuffed Turtle" the next mission in the list became active automatically and thus it makes me to respawn on the next game session, for example, in the Old Town, but not in the Slums. So it makes me to spend some time to get back. It's really annoying! 4) Could the lockpicking be an experience improvent? For example, lockpicking of the hardest locks +1000xp, the easiest lockpicking +200xp and so on. I've lockpicked a lot of the police van locks to find a subsonic ammo and it was only 30 subsonic rounds and a lot of time and nerves loss. 5) The subsonic ammo is really hard to find. Is it possible to introduce any drawing/blueprint for the subsonic ammo with rather hard to find item requirements? Or could the subsonic ammo be just an expensive item of traders? For example, 10 subsonic rounds for $10k? Thank You very much for Your attention and patience, especially for reading all this text ))