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  1. Hey guys I'm not sure if anyone from Techland is actually reading this but when I saw the presentation of Dying Light along with a release date my heart skipped a beat but I have a few questions: 1. Will firearms have mods too? 2. Is there open world pvp ( not just be-the-zombie mode ) but can you just run up to another player and straight up break his skull with a hammer? <-- Just like the player knocked the guy out in the "Run Boy Run" trailer 3. Is this game going to be updated as to where you add more zombies, guns, mods, etc.? LAST QUESTION: WILL THERE BE VEHICLES LIKE HELICOPTERS? omg vehicles are such a turn on, add helicopters plz, nothing too big like army jets but just simple helicopters or even a mod to turn a simple shopping cart into like.. a shopping cart with a hot-rod engine. idk i'm just curious as to what's involved in the Dying Light future