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    PS4 Pro Corrupted save and crashes

    Yeah, it would be a shame. I will probably begin a new save soon. But damn i am frustrated right now about that. And some of those task at the the start take so long. And i will also begin begin to have multiple save files
  2. First of all i love the game. But the time i have played it hasn't been very enjoyable. When i first started playing the game in "My First Farm" mode. The game kept crashing, and of course i hadn't saved anything, this happened to me 3 times before i became so paranoid i began to save every 5 minutes. That kind of have ruined the experience for me. Then today, my save got corrupted, i have put in at least 8 hours in that save. So i am pretty fu**ing mad right now. Because i dont really want to spend 8 hours again to get to the same point.