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  1. I have tried very hard to look past the problems with this game and have had the best hopes for it. But i just cant play it anymore not while it still seems to be in beta testing. 3 patches in a months time, the "AI" are lackluster at best, the equipment leaves alot to be desired and im tired of farming just to cover the cost of keeping my vehicles fueled up.

    I still hold out hope that this game reaches the level to surpass FS. My biggest suggestion to the developers is this; TRY PLAYING THE GAME! Its quite apparent that they never did or there  wouldnt be too many issues.

    Good luck to you all.

  2. 1 hour ago, SwEeT_PiCkLeS said:

    Bro, the reason we use workers is so you can keep multiple fields(many acres) operating all the time, and free you up to maintain your cattle or greenhouses,etc. 

    Aint that the truth! Its bad enough that i have to do some work never mind ALL right now

  3. So i update the game to 112 today and now the workers are horrible.

    I started a new game on Montana. Using the Linder Geotrac to plow, cultivate and seed, the worker will make 1 run and when he tries to turn around, he just keeps backing up little by little. 

    I had him work on field 39 going west to east. He made 1 run and then kept backing up until he ran into the greenhouse.

    The game also stutters now too which it didnt do before. Im not a happy farmer right now.

  4. On 2/19/2018 at 8:04 AM, James Gallagher said:

    Hi there, we don't know exactly where these screens are from it looks like the second screen is simply being played on lower graphics settings than the first. Rest assured that the time between preview builds had only allowed us to make sure the game looks and runs better.

    We can tell you 100% that modding support is happening. As for exactly what that will look like, we're planning to share an update over the next couple of weeks.

    Id love to be able "mod" the ingame equipment, i hate to say this, as easily as you can in FS17.