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    Skybury and trailers

    No dumping into a trailer....gotta drive to the storage shed. A couple of future work arounds Id like to see: dump on the ground and then pick it up with a loader or a placeable storage shed
  2. bostonjohnny1226

    Weather forecasts

    Having this ingame would be great. Why water your field if its gonna rain?
  3. bostonjohnny1226

    PS4 Pro problems and some general questions

    It is pc and the consumption is a little better
  4. bostonjohnny1226

    PS4 Pro problems and some general questions

    Im playing on pc in Columbia. After the patch, gas is $6.45 a gallon! Thats on the 1/1 ratio. Guess i better start growing and selling hemp.
  5. bostonjohnny1226

    Soil fertility class

    So far, i see 3 of them listed but what are they and which is which? Im gonna assume its like manure, liquid manure and maybe just the base fertilizer? But not knowing what "class" each is is a pain. Looks like some fields require different classes.
  6. bostonjohnny1226

    Game manual

    Is there one that comes with the game?
  7. bostonjohnny1226

    Pig food

    Cool thanks. Loving the game so far and the fast work with the patch. Well done!