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    Ps4 pro problems.

    Hi all,im a big fan of farming sims and glad to see another dev bring one to consoles. Im having fun with pure farming 2018 but unfortunately im also having some major problems with the game on ps4 pro.These problems include the game randomly soft crashing back to the PlayStation home menu resulting in progress being lost.Also In the my farm game mode the only field i can hire a worker on is field 3 the other starting fields 1 and 4 i can only do manually.Im also having the fields randomly bug out and stay on the growing stage forever and cant be harvested. I have sent in a few error reports along with video clips of those errors using the ps4s inbuilt error report tools but it would be reasuring to hear that techland are aware of these problems and that fixes are on the way. Im also wondering if its possible to include some gfx options on the ps4pro,for example i would like to favour framerate over increased draw distances.
  2. Tamking

    A Few More Game Suggestions

    Some really good ideas,i Wouldn't say no to any of them. Lets hope techland can/do implement some/all of them.
  3. Tamking

    Tractors are underpowered

    Same thing here,at first i thought my tractor was damaged and needed repaired but it still persisted after maintenance,once i reloaded the save all was fine. The same thing happens with workers,they will randomly go on strike and refuse to work a field,saving the game then reloading fixes it and they will work fields again. Couple of strange bugs,particularly the tractors hp suddenly dropping,its almost as if the tractor is clipping into the ground causing it to drag on the ground thus making the tractor struggle.
  4. Tamking

    A couple of requests

    Now that techland have got some of the major bugs under control i would like to request a couple things for the devs to consider for future content/patches. The first would be the addition of a fuel trailer,i know its easy to simply drive to the nearest fuel station but a trailer would mean i could bring fuel to where i need it instead of having to drive my slow harvester all the way to a station. The second would be to do with the U.i,i would like the ability to hide the black transparent border at the top of the screen,the one that has day/time/cash etc,personaly i find it a little distracting and feel it blocks off/dulls the light at the top of the screen. Thats all for now,but im sure the community can come up with lots of features/QOL improvements that hopefully techland can take on board and hopefully implement at some point.
  5. Tamking

    A couple of requests

    But doesn't fuel cost more when purchased through the app? Its no biggie but a trailer would be nice. I didnt know i could hide the whole hud,ill give it a try thanks.Although i would still like the ability to only hide the bar at the top of the screen while leaving the rest of the hud intact. Certainly no game breaker but would be nice as an option.
  6. Why thank you,dont mind if i do
  7. Thanks to the both of you for the testing and heads up,ill be sure not to purchase the new vehicles untill i know they are fixed. I think this thread should be stickied at the top of the forum to alert others and save them any frustrations untill its fixed.
  8. Since were doing quotes. "The true mark of maturity is when someone hurts you and you try to understand the situation instead of trying to hurt them back" -some guy/gal.
  9. It would appear to me that your trying to kickstart that fire,i do get the frustration,im frustrated with the bugs too. But as i said techland do seem to have stepped it up a gear and are trying to remedy the problems on consoles,being rude/offensive or repeatedly kicking them when they are down helps nobody at this stage.
  10. If your implying what i think you are with those comments then you are wrong. i have been very critical of techland and already voiced my opinion on the buggy console release and apparent lack of testing. But to ignore the fact that techland are indeed doing their best to fix these problems which is proven by the recent speedy hotfix would be wrong in my opinion. It would also be wrong to ignore the fact that they do seem to be doing their best here,its really not nice to repeatedly kick someone when they are down.
  11. I have to give Credit where its due,kudos for burning the midnight oil in order to fix these problems with the game and pushing out a hotfix so fast. Your above comment has gone a long way in restoring my faith in techland and that you guys/girls are doing your best to make things right.
  12. Tamking

    Patch 1.03

    Just got another patch drop on ps4 (1.03),anyone know the patchnotes? Does it fix the crashing and what was broken in fridays 1.02 patch?
  13. Tamking

    Patch 1.03

    I do agree,pushing another patch out in under 24 hrs is no easy feat. Either techland paid sony for a faster certification or the 1.03 patch was submitted straight after 1.02 for it to be pushed out so close to the last patch. Either that or techland pushed this out and said chupacabra sonys certification lol. Either way lets just hope it fixes all these game problems.
  14. Tamking

    PS4 Version 1.1.2 Patch Notes

    Game is still broken,it still crashes on ps4 when switching vehicles.
  15. Tamking

    PS4 Patch1.1.2

    Even after the ps4 patch the game is still crashing when switching vehicles
  16. Tamking

    Oranges in Italy?

    More than likely it will be dlc. After the bug riddled launch on console,techland either pushed the game out in its broken state on purpose just to meat a deadline or they done absolutely zero QA on the console version,combined with thier lack of urgency/unwilling to spend the extra cash to push out the console patch i have lost all confidence in techland as a developer and this game. They will be lucky if i ever purchase a game from them again let alone dlc. Fool me once techland.
  17. Tamking

    More ps4 woes

    So after puting the game down untill its patched due to the constant crashing on ps4 and recently finding out that the crashing problem is with the Montana map i decided to give pure farming another go. I load up free farm mode and the italian map,after about 30 mins i had no crashes and thought great,atleast i can now play the game,to only then run afoul of 2 more game breaking bugs.The first was my drone destroying my orchard when using it to check the orchards status,the second was the game somehow giving me the skip day prompt everytime i changed vehicle. Below is footage of the bugs i recorded. Im so frustrated with this game now that im finding it hard to justify playing it even if/when it gets fixed. I feel i Wasted the 40 pound this game cost on console. Did techland do any QA testing on the console? How can techland justify charging console players more for the game than on pc and yet give us this standard of quality?
  18. Tamking


    Thank you for the clarification james,much appreciated. Hopefully these technical problems hasnt done too much harm on consoles as the game is decent and does deserve to do well. Also whoever was responsible for the QA/testing on consoles should be on tea/coffee duty for the next month
  19. Tamking


    Just to clarify james,the next console patch will include a fix for the random crashes on ps4? I can live with waiting longer for minor bug fixes and the changes to the ingame time aslong as i can play without the game randomly crashing on me.
  20. Tamking


    When it comes to game breaking bugs theres a is a way to fast track the certification process on consoles.Other developers including EA/Dice have pushed out patches in a week on console(ps4) to fix game breaking bugs,and i would consider randomly crashing a game breaking bug. But i would imagine that would cost more money,so here we are with a broken gamewe cant play for atleast 2/3 weeks. If i Hadn't bought the game digitaly from the psn store i would have returned it as faulty by now and got a refund untill it was fixed.
  21. Tamking


    2/3 weeks wait on ps4 with a game we cant even play due to it randomly crashing is a bit of a kick in the teeth techland. Will the game be pulled from the PlayStation/xbox store for the same 2/3 weeks untill its fixed,it is afterall in an unplayable state at the moment?
  22. Tamking


    Sounds like you could well be correct here. While im not one to moan and gripe and i do understand bugs happen,but it really does make you question wether the game was tested at all. These bugs are very obvious and occur right at the start of the game. Surely whoever tested the game,particularly on ps4 would have ran into the same crashing/worker problems after just 30 mins of testing. As it stands im sitting with a 40 quid game im unable to play due to the game being poorly tested,possibly not even tested at all.
  23. Tamking

    Ps4 pro problems.

    I do have supersampling enabled,but i thought this game was pro enabled as required by sony so assumed it Wouldn't do anything with pure farming 2018. Ill try turning supersampling and boost mode off to see if that helps with framerate.
  24. Tamking

    Ps4 pro problems.

    Yes fingers crossed for a fast fix. I have put the game aside for now as trying to play with all these technical problems gets frustrating and i dont want it to sour the game for me. Im also hopefull that techland can introduce some gfx settings for the pro,at the minute framerates can be quite choppy,possibly due to the increased draw distance on ps4 pro,but because we cant disable it we are forced to take the framerate hit.