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  1. Would not be the first game out there that has this issue with each update. They will get it sorted in time. At least they are trying and not just going away and not bothering any more. Kudos to the devs for sticking with it, a shame some people can't be bothered to do the same. Hang in there folks.
  2. XyonicS

    First Person View, Please

    Jump could be good, but I am sure there would be a lot of invisible walls suddenly show up. Not really wanting first person, I like the feeling of scale and the customization we get in third person. I hate FS17s first person mode I feel like I am 3 foot tall and it just feels odd.
  3. XyonicS

    Field phase color codes suggestion

    Also would love this and DO NOT FORGET COLOR BLIND MODE. Please. Yeah I say this as 3 of the colors there look the same to me and I would not be the only one. I know I should not say this, but I have to, check out FS17 color blind mode for a great way to do it.
  4. XyonicS

    Official Mod-Hub?

    I tried and found that the files were quite messed up. Really wish mod makers would put them into the correct directory tree before zipping them. I gave up on this one until someone sorts that mess out. Only one of the tractor mods there at the moment is set up so you can unzip and go.
  5. XyonicS


    When will the patch for consoles be released?
  6. XyonicS

    Help! Greenhouse Crops Quest

    The smallest trailer will carry the bags. It can take more than the pickup as well. You will have to buy it in my first farm mode, but it is included in free mode. It can also carry the fruit from the green houses to the market or storage and the eggs as well. Not sure about other trailers.
  7. XyonicS

    Inverted front loader.

    Can we get inverted control option for front loader and like equipment to lift and lower the bucket/forks ect. I play in inverted mode for camera and it quite jarring to have to force non inverted for some controls. Please do this for the console versions.
  8. XyonicS

    Fix to slow down time

    It is fast, that is one of the things I love about Farming sim that you can switch to real time so you can get everything set up and then advance it. Would be great to have something like that in Pure Farming too.
  9. XyonicS

    Inverted front loader.

    They said on the Steam forum this will be in the first patch, so fingers crossed.
  10. XyonicS

    The game fall on PS4

    Yeah, the game crashes more often as to go through the game. One of the main times is when you use the fast tractor switch as soon as you press the right stick, it also crashed when going to the system menu to save as soon as I hit the options button and one time I stopped the pickup and hit the square button to have it crash. The first were all in the campaign and the last one was after driving around for a while looking at the map and collecting stuff in free mode, I had done quite a bit back at the farm and bought some new equipment, set up a field ect.. Hope this can be fixed soon, I will stop playing till it is patched so I don't get frustrated with it.