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  1. Kisty

    potato harvest

    I went there and there's no option to transfer the load.
  2. Kisty

    potato harvest

    Hey you guys, could you point me in the right direction? Where and how do I unload my potatoes? I have a trailer full and can't unload it anywhere.
  3. I'm stuck once again you guys! Has anyone done the Biograss factory quest where you need to load the spima NR 1600 with manure? I'm probably doing something wrong because my tractor's attachment can't reach the top of the trailer. How do I load the manure onto the wagon? TIA
  4. Kisty

    Help! Greenhouse Crops Quest

    Does it only work if you drive by with the truck? I tried on foot and on the tractor because my pick up truck is stuck on a fence somewhere lol.
  5. Hey guys, I'm stuck on the greenhouse crops quest where you need to buy solid fertilizer and transfer it to the greenhouse. I have been trying to do as the quest says to stop by the sacks and hit RB+X but I cannot purchase it. Anyone have any advice? Which tank should I do it at? I have tried 2 different spots so far.