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  1. farmguy

    Something to look into

    I would love to be able to sell fields, sheds etc.... so we can start at another area in Montana if we so desire
  2. farmguy

    Option for weights vs percentages in storage

    I would second this....
  3. farmguy

    100 Sapphires?

    I plan on looking for them tonight as well... I just need to sow, fertilize and spray my fields first...
  4. farmguy

    Goodby Techland and thanks for nothing

    I see a lot of people pissing and moaning on here this morning, I haven't been on here all weekend and I am not sure how they are having problems and I had none on PS4... same systems, same game, same patch... I only noticed one change in the game... and that is water dispersal... it longer shows when irrigating from the tanker or in the greenhouses... you get the audio...just no visual and I literally played ALL WEEKEND....
  5. farmguy

    Goodby Techland and thanks for nothing

    Am I the only person that played the entire weekend on PS4 without a single issue ? not one crash, no loss of equipment...
  6. farmguy

    Pure Farming Update Plans

    more crops and maps...definitely... I always love new maps.. new areas is what really keeps me engaged in playing.. equipment on the other hand unless its something we don't already have.. a tractor is a tractor.. a plow is a plow unless they change gameplay
  7. farmguy

    Mysterious Building in Japan

    those look great...but...still would have preferred a fuel bowser
  8. This is the ONE thing I would really like to see change... I don't want it to have a quicker growing time... I would rather it ran at the same growing time but produced a volume of goods more commensurate to its size.....
  9. farmguy

    PS4 - Game seems to be broken

    all of your concerns have been discussed here and there are work arounds that people have found if you read the forum a little... My First Farm is set up so that YOU should do most of the work...its to get you familiar with how everything works. An update is being released tomorrow for PS4
  10. farmguy

    Game is a complete mess

    here's hoping one is a fuel bowser !!
  11. farmguy

    Game is a complete mess

    hopefully not already available add-ons
  12. farmguy

    Eastern Hardware Trophy

    last combine I purchased was the big Gomselmash... I already had the starter Gomselmash and the Agromash...
  13. farmguy

    Pig Trading (Side Quest)

    Finally got this last night...using the method above..thanks fellas !
  14. farmguy

    Eastern Hardware Trophy

    I got this to pop last night when I purchased my third grain harvester... so I had "Combine Enthusiast" and "Eastern Hardware" go off one after the other...
  15. farmguy

    Eastern Hardware Trophy

    DAF truck trophy I got... but yeah...I will give that a try Jimbob