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  1. bige

    PS4 Pre-Order

    i'm in the united states and no pre-orders and i have not seen the free DLC yet
  2. bige

    PS4 Pre-Order

    I was just wondering for the people that brought the through the Playstation Store how do they get free DLC?
  3. I doing the My first farm game play, but I'm kind of confused I got past the irrigating the field, Now it says Transport 17,637 lbs of wheat to the granary I was just confused do I have to harvest and what field do I need to harvest if I need to that to finish that task?
  4. bige

    Fix to slow down time

    I kind agree the time almost goes by too fast in the game
  5. bige

    PS4 Pre-Order

    I have not seen the game go live yet on the Playstation 4, but I saw all of the DLC nothing free .