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  1. FarmerJimbob

    Why can't straw be windrowed or picked up?!

    Its useful if your mower doesn't windrow but in Pure Farming the harvesters and self-propelled mowers dump in neat rows by default. One of the machines I've never purchased in the game.
  2. FarmerJimbob

    Forager Functions on harvesters

    FS17 refers to it as Enable/Disable swath but effectively the Disable mode is cutting the straw and ejecting it out the back of the harvester.
  3. FarmerJimbob

    Where do I sell Straw bails?

    Hmm, I think its debatable. To get a grass bale you have to mow and then bale, silage is just 1 extra step on that for doubling the profits. In the time it takes for the bale to ferment however you could have created at least 1 further set of grass bales. So profitability/time grass is probably better but profitability/work silage probably edges it. I think its pretty well balanced - if the silage price was much higher then it would just be an exploit to make money. Personally though I agree with you, I'll typically take the instant cash for the grass bales.
  4. FarmerJimbob

    Where do I sell Straw bails?

    For anyone still curious reading this, you just approach the bale and the option to sell pops up (Circle button on PS4). Works for grass and silage bales too (silage pay double - $200).
  5. FarmerJimbob

    Forager Functions on harvesters

    How would that work? The harvester would need a huge second tank to store the straw. A harvester can either eject (dump) a straw swath to be foraged or baled later or cut the straw into small pieces and spread them out behind it to be plowed back into the ground. In the game cutting the straw effectively eliminates it as the pieces are so small you can't see them after so its as though it stops the straw altogether. The harvesters in Pure Farming do both these realistic functions.
  6. FarmerJimbob

    Forager Functions on harvesters

    Really? I’ve always had the option to dump or cut straw on PS4.
  7. FarmerJimbob

    Non-Stop Achievement

    Completely by surprise I earned this achievement whilst baling yesterday - you obviously have to keep stopping to release the bales but the machine is working the whole time so it qualifies. Just the challenges to go now...
  8. FarmerJimbob

    Travel Coordinates Bug

    Nice little added feature that the list of vehicles and devices shown when travelling between countries now gives coordinates to make it possible to identify different equipment of the same type however the list has North and East mixed up (PS4).
  9. FarmerJimbob

    Something to look into

    My guess would be the 1 you’re missing is in a cluster where you think you got them all but haven’t. I mean the rest aren’t exactly hidden so if you’ve been to the location of the individual ones and can’t see any then chances are you’ve collected those. What about the patch of grass/trees near the farm where there are 3 together?
  10. FarmerJimbob

    PS4 version is fucked. Wish i could get my money back.

    The game works, a number of us are enjoying playing it. How does that make us morons or that we’re getting screwed? I’d suggest a moron is the person who spent $40 on the game, threw their toys out of the pram like a child when it had a few teething problems, and announced they’d set light to the game thus depriving themselves from ever getting their money’s worth out of their purchase. And then spent their time trolling the forum of a game they don’t even play.
  11. FarmerJimbob

    PS4 version is fucked. Wish i could get my money back.

    You must be really unlucky, I've not had a single crash since the patches. There are still some minor bugs with the game but overall it plays really well for me (Montana free farming).
  12. FarmerJimbob

    A Few More Game Suggestions

    Is managing farms across 5 countries not enough to do? Plan the work well and set the game speed appropriately and there shouldn't be any waiting around for crops to grow.
  13. FarmerJimbob

    PS4 version is fucked. Wish i could get my money back.

    Have you updated with the latest patches? Update and start a new game and none of what you mention should be experienced.
  14. FarmerJimbob

    Latest info on issues resulting from the latest console updates

    Ok, should have been a bit more specific - haven’t seen any PS4 player reporting water still working ok. Point is it’s not down to an install on single machine as was being suggested, like the crashing problems on PS4 previously.
  15. FarmerJimbob

    100 Sapphires?

    Yeah it does, but it worked for me. Nobody’s perfect right? I’ve not checked out any alternatives to judge them against it as I didn’t have any need to.