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  1. Yourex4

    ayuda venta de fardos

    Excuse me! English please! We don't understand!
  2. Yourex4

    What we need!!!

    Yes i've seen C&C. Promising game but...for it to look crispy you will have to get pc from NASA...sadly i can't afford it.
  3. Yourex4

    What we need!!!

    In real Life u cannot see both mirrors in the same time...just saying. Anyway this is small issue. There far more important things to fix/change/adjust than mirrors.
  4. Yourex4

    Zmieńcie sterowanie

    Dobrze gada polać mu!
  5. Yourex4

    What we need!!!

    Look man i have paid money for a good game not for broken game! I dont have 2 months to wait for a final fix patch. I agree it takes time but this is beyond ridiculous. This game is weak anyway. Fs 17 is far superior. Tons of mods, maps, multiplayer, better graphics and great comunity. Devs are very quiet here. You ask questions and you dont get answers. Sorry in my opinion there is no hope. Ive waited very long. (play fs17 insted)
  6. Yourex4

    What we need!!!

    Its nearly a point and click game im affraid at this stage. Animals are dull and not fun at all. They can even add elephants to livestock and it would be boring after a few hours.
  7. Yourex4

    Orange DLC Finally Coming...But

    Dev who has 0 posts and he is new member also hes nick is ICEFLAMES. Maybe but it is fishy. Good luck
  8. Yourex4

    Orange DLC Finally Coming...But

    Who are you? Because you definitely don't look like somebody from dev team! Are there any ADMINS here!
  9. Yourex4

    Orange DLC Finally Coming...But

    Hey. I hate to say it but the game is dead! I did not play for a month now. There is nearly 0 live broadcasts on twich or youtube and this forum is very quiet. Nothing can save Pure Farming now.
  10. Yourex4


    Its a long story!
  11. Yourex4

    Feedback - zgłoś błąd/sugestię

    Odkąd wyszedł patch na konsole i zobaczyłem że nie ma animacji w opryskiwaczu nie grałem ani sekundy. Gra wyszła 11 marca o ile dobrze pamiętam i dalej jest pełna bugow, zawiesza się i psują się savy. Wszystko to jest tak absurdalne, że aż mi się ciśnienie podnosi. Jest mnóstwo postów na polskim i angielskim forum bez jakiejkolwiek odpowiedzi że strony twórców. Ta gra to strata pieniędzy. Polecam Farming Simulator 17. Jest 100x lepszy. Tyle w temacie. Pozdrawiam
  12. Yourex4

    Storage in Other Countries too Small

    Solution: placeble storage. Simple. Thank you
  13. Yourex4

    Tactors Need Repairs Way Too Often

    There need to be an option to turn it on or off. Simple. Thank you.
  14. Yourex4

    Edits proposals wishes

    I dont now what u said!
  15. Please remove this obvious spam/troll on this forum. If someone is writing in chinese nobody can understand. Maybe we should keep this forum in english please. C'mon admins!