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  1. moosedawg

    PC update 1.1.5 out now

    Was something done with the car washes (the manual ones) when I manually wash my vehicles now, you seem to constantly get stuck on invisible walls, boxes, or some such thing when you're trying to move around, which when you can finally move again, the perspective moves up and down as if you're standing on something. Also, you have to pretty much stick the nozzle inside the tractor or device before it registers it and starts to clean the vehicle. It's like there is a very small sweet spot you have to aim at, which is hidden inside the vehicle or device. The manual washing wasn't great before, a bit persnickety, but at least you could get your vehicles clean with a little bit of fussing. Now, it's a LOT worse and extremely frustrating! So, guess it's dirty vehicles or going broke with gas station car washes for now.
  2. moosedawg

    PC update 1.1.5 out now

    Agreed, the greenhouses like much nicer now, funny how something so simple makes it look so much better. Also, the vehicle mirrors look GREAT, so crisp and clear! (Now if I could just move that left one in a bit on the starter combine... I didn't even notice the brand of the tablet until it was mentioned it was now a Dell, what was it before, lol?
  3. moosedawg

    Can this even be fixed?

    If this game had horses in it, and we were talking about their manure, I'd say it makes perfect sense (Maybe it's a US only thing, but horse poo is often called "horse apples" - at least it was around our horse barn )
  4. moosedawg

    The Goats are coming, the goats are coming.

    Don't you get more money from the milk anyway? Might be worth it , convenience-wise to just sell them via the tablet when they get old and don't produce as much milk.
  5. moosedawg

    Special Silo?!?

    Ah, gotcha - yeah, from what others are saying, it's storage only, which is unfortunate and a missed opportunity for another game mechanic.
  6. moosedawg

    Why can't straw be windrowed or picked up?!

    Agreed, it's more like a tedder/kicker than a windrower imo. I sometimes harvest my fields in a circle for giggles, and I was hoping to put the straw into more manageable rows for bailing, which is how I found out it won't work on straw, which just makes NO sense to me. So, no more crop circles for me, lol!
  7. moosedawg

    The Goats are coming, the goats are coming.

    I was just thinking the same thing. Being able to sell goat milk would be awesome. I grew up around dairy goats, so I'm looking forward to having goats in the game, especially if we can sell the milk too. But I wouldn't mind an orange orchard either, lol!
  8. moosedawg

    Special Silo?!?

    Well, you have to do more to it than just let it sit, but yeah, you're supposed to level it and cover it with plastic so that it will ferment. Just leaving it out, it will dry out and become a hay/compost mix with hay on the top and only deeper layers will ferment, but it takes a long time and a larger pile. It needs heat and moisture to ferment, hence the plastic cover, which aids in keeping the moisture and heat in allowing for faster fermentation.
  9. moosedawg

    Empty Bailer Function

    True, obviously the current way is more "realistic". I did say I was spoiled by FS17 . Therefore, if we are talking realism vs QOL (I agree, simulators should lean more toward realism), then there still needs to be an "unload" feature for both the bailer and seeder to purge the remaining materials so you can swap out just as RL machinery does.
  10. Lately, when I go to fix a tractor in the workshop, any vehicle I enter afterward, gets stuck with "F" key being the "Open vehicle diagnostics" command from the workshop. For example, I fixed my tractor. Then I got in my pickup and went to collect eggs at the chicken coop - the only thing lighting up for the F key was "Open vehicle diagnostics" when I pushed it, it only brings up the tablet. It won't collect the eggs. This happens regularly after fixing a vehicle, and no matter what you are doing, whatever command the "F" key is, it gets stuck at vehicle diagnostics. Currently, saving/loading the game fixes it, but it's happening nearly every time you fix a vehicle, which is a LOT when you're playing on My First Farm.
  11. moosedawg

    Special Silo?!?

    They should. I've not done it yet myself yet in this game, but in FS17 you dump grass in the bunker, level it out/compact it, then cover it with plastic. It then ferments over time under the plastic. Then you use a silage fork or a bucket to scoop it into the mixer for TMR (cow food) or a trailer and sell it. I would hope the process in PF18 is similar, i'm just not there yet in my play through.
  12. Maybe I'm missing something or it has to do with the "My First Farm" scenario, but a windrower (called "rotary swather" in game) or the Metaltech Roto 10 (forage trailer) does nothing on straw. Why?! The only thing that will pick up straw is the baler (thank goodness something does). Cut vegetation on the ground should be able to be windrowed and picked up with a forage trailer regardless of what it is. If you're going to bale straw, why wouldn't you want to windrow it just like you do for grass (to make silage/haylage bales) and hay? Is there a legitimate reason for this, I certainly don't see one, and seems like a huge oversight.
  13. moosedawg

    Empty Bailer Function

    I wouldn't mind seeing that feature for the seeders/sowers as well. I don't plant all fields with the same seed, so I always have a bunch left over from the previous field that just goes to waste. I don't believe it refunds you the money for unused seed when you change types, which would be another nice options as well. Obviously, I'm spoiled with how FS17 does it and seed is just seed, you change the type you want to plant on the seeder, so it doesn't matter if you fill up on seed, you can select what you want at the time of planting. I don't want to have to buy 3 different seeders to get around that problem.
  14. moosedawg

    Squirrelly Galucho Transcow

    Luckily, the slow vehicle bug when switching countries was fixed for the PC, so luckily I don't get that issue anymore. Saving/loading doesn't change the crazy animation physics of the Transcow - at least not on PC. I did notice that what Mr Squealypig (love that name BTW) says is true about the trailer jack not retracting and hitting the ground. Not sure if that's what's causing it or not, but if that's the case, hopefully they fix that in a future patch.