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  1. Hi All, Is dying light going to support K+M in a future or not at all? I have both versions of game, PC and XBOX ONE. Controller is fine, but I had better experience with K+M. Hitting someone into head with a bow or anything else makes me crazy. I'm playing xbox versiom coop with some friends. Thank you
  2. Hi Team, Is this app still supported? App is not possible to connect more than 1 week already. I do not want to keep it in the phone if it is not supported anymore. Thank you in advance! EDIT: Works properly now.
  3. neo6891

    Dl Companion App Connection Issue

    are there any news? App still not connecting.
  4. neo6891

    Dl Companion App Connection Issue

    I do have issues too. App is not able to connect.
  5. neo6891

    Companion App

    Not working for me too. Since yesterday.
  6. Hi CwgWolf, I started to play DL again and I tried companion APP too, which is great idea and I'm using it. But recently since yesterday, application is always saying "connection lost". Is it working for you or is it just me? thx