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  1. Mce911fr

    The Goats are coming, the goats are coming.

    Cool. Now all we need are oranges.
  2. Mce911fr

    Time to retire

    Not going to make this chupacabra for tat. It all comes down to the fact, that gamers are consumers. A video game is no different than any other merchandise that is purchased. Key word purchased with the money that I have earned. I am sorry if my opinion has offended your sensibilities. I am also sure you know all of the problems I am personally having with my version on PS4 with all your knowledge. I would explain, but I don't have enough time. Enjoy the game, I will too in how many ever weeks it is until a decent fix comes to the game. Have a great day.
  3. Mce911fr

    Time to retire

    It is truly a shame. Game has been out for over a month, and last console patch over 2 weeks. I have been trying hard not to feel the same way. Same answers all the time about working hard to get patch out and the certification process for console. All the same answer. Game companies in general are held to no standards anymore. Take many of your well known AAA titles that are complete chupacabra and they keep saying they are going to update them, and takes weeks or months to do so. These developers are no different. I was really hoping that they would come through. But alas, they have not. Pure Farming you do not have to give me the same generic answer you have been giving me here and on facebook for the past 2 weeks. Broken record already. I was willing to give this game a real chance and had things been handled differently would have made this my go to game. Not anymore. Have un-installed it and am still pleading with sony for a refund. I keep sending them proof of a broken game and they are getting closer to my refund. Good luck guys in your future endeavors, however will not waste my money or time on any other games produced here. Again, was hoping this would be different.
  4. Mce911fr

    A Few More Game Suggestions

    I would like for the floor master trailer to be able to hold multiple fruits and vegetables. You have this huge trailer to only haul one fruit or vegetable type. Tractor and trailer to haul 3 crates. Lol
  5. Mce911fr

    PC Update 1.1.4 Patch Notes

    Especially since it is coming up on 2 weeks since the last console patch.....Taking deeeep breaths deeeep breaths.......
  6. Mce911fr

    PC Update 1.1.4 Patch Notes

    +1 Also fixing the water animations with the greenhouse, sprinklers, and water tender on PS4.
  7. Mce911fr

    BUG - Can't buy Sheep

    If you have potatoes, transfer them to a semi-trailer and dump them in the pig house. Approximately 2.5 tones are sufficient for adult pigs. It is therefore almost half times cheaper than synthetic feed. Hope this helps. Found it on a Pure Farming gaming guide. Says nothing about getting more money for the pigs themselves.
  8. Mce911fr

    English farms

    Same here.....
  9. No problem. Thanks for answering.
  10. Any timeline on the next update? If not cool, just keep up what you are doing.
  11. I appreciate one and all opinions. Because they are just that. Some people enjoy on thing or the other. However, to personally attack other members of the forum and degrade them is not ok with me. You do not have a clue as to who anyone is here in this forum. You talk about disagreeing with your opinion, but I do not believe any member of this forum has degraded or personally attacked you because of your opinion. Just not cool. Maybe if you would bring you point across a little more succinctly people would listen, instead of raving on how horrible this game and the developers are. Give people and the developers a chance. There are some who enjoy the game. We can agree to disagree. My first multiplayer game was pong on a Sears black and white TV. Good luck to you.
  12. Mce911fr

    English farms

    Chickens lay poached eggs.
  13. Mce911fr

    Welcome to the Official Pure Farming Forum

    Yeah, and you can't even ignore the user to make them go away.
  14. Had my first major glitch with PS4. Was on the Germany map, had bought equipment to start farming. When I got tired put the PS4 in rest mode without saving (I know, I know) for the evening. Last night fired up the PS4 and clicked on the game and it opened right were I left off. However, the only equipment I had was a harvester and a tractor. Everything else disappeared. I also think the PS4 platform is fairly unstable. But I know they are working on it. Just frustrating. Thanks for letting me vent.
  15. I was on the Columbia map. Sorry should have said that.