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    Real Time - Please

    I found a way on ps4 when in third person view hold R1 and L1 and it can be adjusted by the direction pad.
  2. Wayne the tech

    Fix to slow down time

    I found a way to adjust time speed I play on ps4 when in third person view hold R1 and L1 and you can adjust it by the direction pad.
  3. Wayne the tech

    I dont now if i like the game yet

    Some of the little niggles are funny I bought a sprayer, sorry the sprayer and it teleported it into the side of the shed then it started to shake and float in mid air until it slowly landed.
  4. Wayne the tech

    what happens with the great variety of equipment

    Yes I read that article, it is good news, within six months no doubt in time for a certain other farm simulator release.
  5. Wayne the tech

    what happens with the great variety of equipment

    That's a good guess we should start a sweep stake.
  6. Wayne the tech

    what happens with the great variety of equipment

    I pre ordered the game on the back of a preview on you tube now I feel it was more of an advert then anything else I do feel a little bit cheated, without the addition of more machinery I think it will get boring very quickly.
  7. Wayne the tech

    No Female Farmer?

    I agree with you it's 2018 and international women's day has just passed. like I have said in other posts they seem to have overlooked quite basic things.
  8. Wayne the tech

    An early review

    Thanks for the reply I have overlooked this my apologies
  9. Wayne the tech

    An early review

    I don't like to be negative, but I do like value for money (which I am not getting at the moment). firstly I think the game in most parts looks good and the machines drive and respond very well, also I think that the game picks up on some aspects that other simulators miss out i.e. The texture of ploughed land and vehicle maintenance. My gripes are that time moves so quickly in game also I feel that the items in the vehicle shop could have much better detail like working width and capacity, whilst I'm on the subject I noticed in the jcb descriptions it says (they are not suited to field use) is that what jcb says? It would also be nice to be able to change the units from imperial to metric,I think the addition of fuel storage on the farm would be good. The game will require more vehicles and equipment to keep players interested. i do like that you can switch between other farms over the world it's a nice addition, like I said it's good that the game picks up on aspects other sims miss but I think that some of the basics have been forgotten. before people get all critical over this I would like to say that I pre ordered a digital copy for day one and it cost £45 so I think I am entitled to a bit of constructive criticism.
  10. Wayne the tech

    Pure Farming 2018 Has Gone Gold!

    So looking forward to this game going to pre order the deluxe version asap for ps4, the game looks great.