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  1. Sorry for late response. I was frustrated with this issue so it was easy to let rl interfere. I haven't tried to start a new game yet. I want to get through the campaign but have already had to restart enough times that I'm not looking forward to getting back to where I left off. I will check out the suggestions. Thanks guys.
  2. Right so I've done the above twice. I still cannot continue game or load saves. I get the same message and can go no further.
  3. Sorry. I had read that the other day but for some reason I didn't think it applied to my situation. I will certainly give it a try now. I'm playing on PS4. Thanks cd_BE wish me luck lol
  4. I've installed current updates just this morning. I don't understand if this tractor will be available if I continue a game I saved before latest updates. I bought deluxe version, does this tractor now come as free for deluxe? Thanks for any info Edit: I cannot load a saved game. So since I updated this morning I cannot continue my game nor do I have the Germany map or the tractor that initially came free with deluxe version.
  5. Uaithne

    Camera Reset or Center Option

    I completely agree with you on this. I'm used to being able to do this by cycling through the camera positions in other games, not just sim games, so I'm constantly hitting the button to do so here but it doesn't work of course. lol
  6. Uaithne

    Wish there was something I could do...

    You don't have to convince me. I'm stubborn and have hopes for this game to be successful because like you I want tons of games in this genre. To me it is evident they are trying hard to fix it. I just hope it doesn't take too long. I saw you mention your last favorite game in another post so I looked into it and have put it in my queue to rent. I can't buy it because I'm certainly not going to pay $50+ for a PS3 game which is the going price on Amazon. How playable it will be remains to be seen.
  7. Uaithne

    Stuck in Columbia!!!

    WOW thanks for the tip!!! I will do that when I get to Japan. Still waiting for download to finish due to my slow internet so I don't yet know what works and what doesn't.
  8. Uaithne

    Stuck in Columbia!!!

    No worries, thanks for trying to save me from deleting. I will do that. Windmills are affordable enough. We do and yes they are very confusing and some of the information is lacking. I haven't run out of patience yet so I'll keep 'plowing away'.
  9. Uaithne

    Stuck in Columbia!!!

    Too late. I guess you could say I rage deleted. lol I had some missions that I never got paid for due to game messing up and made my own mistakes buying some wrong equipment so we'll see if it all goes well this time.
  10. Uaithne

    Stuck in Columbia!!!

    Thanks cd_BE I will do that. I will however also delete my saves and just start completely over as painful as that will be. While it may be boring to go through the little tutorial again up to the point I was at, at least I can do so in real time rather than playing farmer dash.
  11. Uaithne

    Stuck in Columbia!!!

    I completed the campaign where I first travel to Columbia and the game crashed. I had to then start from my latest save and complete the tasks again, the last of which is to harvest and sell the hemp. I have done so but the game is not recognizing it. My trailer is empty, the field is empty but I am now stuck with the task of selling my harvest. The game is continuing to crash after patch. So frustrating!!!
  12. Uaithne

    Broken potato field

    Thanks for the response cd_BE. I haven't checked the tablet. I guess I'll sell the harvester and plow it under.
  13. Uaithne

    Broken potato field

    My potato field in campaign seems to be broken. I was able to do the part of the campaign that required it but I now cannot finish the field. Prior to the patch I could see the potatoes being loaded into the harvester but capacity remained at 0 and the field did not change. Now post patch I do not even see the potatoes being loaded. I still have 62% left to be harvested. Has anybody else had this experience or does anybody have a work around? Yes I have saved multiple times since this has been going since within a couple of days of launch.
  14. Uaithne

    Pure Farming Update Plans

    I'm with you guys. While I'm not opposed to some different machines, I would rather have better game play- as in bugs fixed- a lot more maps and things to do. If new machines or equipment were to improve how productive and smoothly we can run our farms, I'm all for it. I see where people have wanted things such as radios or have wanted some changes in the graphics, for two examples, I would rather the devs focus on making this game work properly and continue building it into a great farming sim. More maps, activities, crops, challenges would be fantastic.
  15. Uaithne

    Real Time - Please

    Thank you so much for looking into this. So far I would have to say that this fix is my biggest wish.