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  1. Royal Palms Resort Guide

    What Can Hellraid Learn From The Nemesis System From "shadow Of Mordor"

    Korrupt, you seem to require clarification on two fronts. [1] you may not be up to date, but the game is far from done. There is a link in this Hellraid forum that they have much bigger plans for the game. And [2] you seem to fail to understand what it means to learn from some second system versus copying a system. The original post asks what Hellraid can learn from it, not what it can copy from it. If you want to contribute, you'll have to bring a basic comprehension of what's going on. Go ahead and educate yourself, and come back with a thought-out idea.
  2. Dear Techland forum devs and managers, Would consider having a Question of the Week feature? You could have one in the Hellraid section and one in the Dying Light section. It could be asked every Monday, and every Thursday or Friday you could come back and do a short response or summary of the ideas. Here's how it might work: The Hellraid questions could be just questions of interest like "what would be the most terrifying monster you could meet in a dungeon?" or "what sort of interesting building would be special to find in an outdoor location?" Or you could have a question regarding game development, such as "What provides the most replay value in an action RPG for you?" The Dying Light questions could be interest questions as well. It's too late in the development to add new features, but you could have interest questions about what we are looking forward to, also, post-launch, you could have questions about how we are playing your game. You could even get DLC ideas. I came up with this idea because I think it's really great to have this official Techland forum, I'm passionate about Dead Island and these 2 games, and I think these would be a good activity to continue the life of this forum. Ideas? (Unrelated note: please add DLCs for both games, I'll buy every thing you offer.)
  3. Royal Palms Resort Guide

    What About Dying Light Grabbed Your Attention? (Conversation From Facebook)

    1-As a Dead Island lover, I've kept up with any Dead Island and Techland news for a long time. Dying Light has my 3 favorite elements: zombies, open world, and rpg. I must admit though that all the advertising for Dying Light regarding [a] "be the zombie" mode and competitive co-op activities such as get-to-location-x-first for a bonus have zero appeal for me. I play solo 90% of the time, and when I do co-op, I have no interest in any competitive elements whatsoever. I would have been more interested to see the Dying Light devs talk about the various maps, any new elements of the open world, the swimming. (I recall Maciej Binkowski mentioning that Dying Light has two main maps and each could contain the size of Dead Island, plus there are a few smaller areas. Also, I saw some underwater swimming in one video.) [citations not included, but I could try to locate them upon request] 2-First thing? Man, I just want to explore a little bit first. See how my weapon swings, try the kick and the slide kick, throw a zombie against a spike fence. Then I want to locate a chest that holds a weapon, go inside those gorgeous indoor locations that we've seen in demos. I'll probably finish the first quest soon, and then play in the sandbox for around an hour before I go to the next NPC for a mission. When I played Dead Island, I played Xian first, and during that time, I knew I had 3 more characters to try after. Dying Light doesn't have that, and while that is a limitation, I can already see Dying Light has a ton to offer. PS: If there are any dynamic events, I'll be looking for those right away. Dynamic events such as the random occurrence of people who need saving, or human enemies. Dynamic events are the fresh lifeblood of an open world, and those will be essential to future open world next-gen games. (See my thread in the Hellraid Forum "What can Hellraid learn from the Nemesis System from "Shadow of Mordor"?)
  4. Let's continue this conversation from the Dying Light Facebook page. ( Dying Light team asks: So we have a few questions for you. 1- What about Dying Light grabbed your attention? 2- What's the first thing you'll do when you get the game? Let us know - we love hearing from you. This forum thread can allow us to develop our thoughts more, and it might also reach some people who have not seen this post. What's your story?
  5. Royal Palms Resort Guide

    Dear Hellraid Fans

    Michal & Techland, This is very good and exciting news. I was excited for this game, but now it's on a whole new level. I know Dying Light can occupy all my game time, and will certainly keep me busy until Hellraid is released (I'll be playing Dying Light for years, just like I'll be playing Dead Island: Riptide later today ). So, I can be patient while I'm having fun. And, I 100% support your removal of early access. I won't go into why I don't support early access because I don't want to spur a debate. Besides, you guys already know what you are doing. Any and all extra resources you want to put in the game are very welcome. Let's add a village for players to reside and trade in, female characters, and so much more. Techland's future is so bright, they gotta wear shades.
  6. The Nemesis system from the Shadow of Mordor game was heralded by Destructoid as "the true beginning of this generation." Nic Rowen, author of the article, continues "Thanks to its Nemesis system, Shadow of Mordor is the first game I've played that really feels like it's pushing into what these new consoles are capable of and where games could be going in the near future, and that has me EXCITED." Link to article: If you are unfamiliar with this Nemesis system, Shadow of Mordor is an open world game that dynamically creates elite enemies who have names, identities, strengths, weaknesses personalities and voice-acting. (The linked article provides plenty of information and a living example of the system.) These enemies change through encounters, they can gain fears and grow in power. Not only are these elite enemies different on every playthrough, but the game constantly generates new unique enemies as you play. You can learn an enemies name, watch them from afar, kill them early or save their defeat for another day. Hellraid has already planned to have a variety in enemies of the same type (skeletons with various weapons, various armors). So, Hellraid has planned to create interest with some dynamic elements, but not at the same degree. Techland devs, have you experienced the Shadow of Mordor Nemesis system? Any preliminary thoughts? Are there any elements from the Nemesis system that could be used as an inspiration for Hellraid? (EDIT: I believe Dying Light could find inspiration from this system too. But it is too late for that now, seeing as Dying Light is due out soon. We can recall that in Dead Island: Riptide, we saw a number of named enemies with biographies, these super zombies were found in the side rooms/dungeons, and you could read the bios in the pause menu. I still love that game. )
  7. Royal Palms Resort Guide

    Our Community's Michal Napora Talks About Dying Light At Bgs 2014!

    Michal, good to see you on the forums. If you watch the video, I think you'll find it went really well (and your voice sounded good too).
  8. Royal Palms Resort Guide

    Meet Steve, Newest Addition To The Dying Light Team

    The people at Techland have a great sense of humor, I think that's why I can relate to them so well.
  9. Michal Napora, community extraordinaire, spoke about Dying Light and his positive experience with the Techland community at BGS 2014! (BGS stands for Brasil Game Show. Video released to public Oct 11, 2014.) This was in Brasil, and he spoke to the beautiful interviewer Mariana Ayres. The interview also features subtitles in Brasilian Portuguese (I think). Here is the link to the video: Michal is full of energy and a lot of fun. Thanks for being part of the community, and thanks to the other forum managers who continue to dialogue with us. At 4:00 in the video he talks about his experience engaging with people about Techland games. At 4:29 Mariana asks "what would you have to say to people who think this is just another zombie game?" (Mariana is excited about Dying Light, she just wants to know how Techland might respond to critics) and Michal nails it with "aww man this not just another zombie game [...] check out the parkour, check out the movement, you'll know this is not just another zombie game." Truth, spoken like a boss. The video was fun to watch. Michal, if you see this, nice work. EDIT: he also says near the end "I love Brasil, I love you guys". Just a lot of positivity. (PS. Michal spells his name 'Michal' on this forum but in the interview his name is spelt 'Michael' which I think must be a mistake.)
  10. Royal Palms Resort Guide

    Livestream Of Hellraid On Ce6

    Thanks Pawel, you are awesome. This game looks so good, somehow you guys and I share the same dream of what makes a great game. Thanks to the Hellraid team for sharing the gameplay.
  11. Royal Palms Resort Guide

    Livestream Of Hellraid On Ce6

    I'm excited, but I'll be at work during that time. Hopefully I'll catch it later on if it is recorded.
  12. Royal Palms Resort Guide

    Release Date Announced! 27Th Of Januari, 2015!

    It's true! I was thinking about posting about this too. I believe they had planned February, and then I thought it would be late February. But I love that it is January. So, let's Celebrate Good Times Do your celebration dance
  13. Royal Palms Resort Guide

    Hellraiders! A Demon To Name Awaits You!

    I'll provide two lists of names, one list will be just "proper names" and the second will be names that mean something. I'll highlight my favorite at the beginning of each list. 1. Names that are just sounds (Proper names) Gobliss (the more sinister cousin of a Goblin), Durgan, Tweelik, Sky-Divan. 2. Names with meaning Gloom, Bone Collector or Bone Harvester, Nighthunter, Shade, Moon Reaper. I Like Iberaider's mention of Raven and birds, but I couldn't come up with any additional ideas along that line. If you (Techland) can come up with one, that'd be great. By the way, I like the character image.
  14. Royal Palms Resort Guide

    Remembering Dead Island Theme Song & Trailer

    Sometimes I still listen to the Dead Island Theme song, or watch the trailer again. I remember I loved the song and trailer before Dead Island was released. The song is available on Youtube in so many ways: as live recordings by musicians, in 2 hour extended versions, the trailer can be seen in reverse or regular order, and the song was even used in a Dead Island 2 trailer (replacing the regular Dead Island 2 trailer song). I remember watching the trailer for the first time and thinking it was so tragic. Michal Napora and Techland, have you used the composer for this song again for Dying Light or Hellraid? Thanks. I'll include a link to the Dead Island trailer in beginning-to-end order (chronological). The other versions are available by searching Youtube. EDIT: I'll also add a version with real actors! I'd never seen it until today.
  15. Royal Palms Resort Guide

    Our Team Needs Your Help

    The skeleton thinks "When your friends say 'he doesn't have an axe, he can't fight', don't believe them, ever!" Haha. I don't know. This is a hard one. Regarding the moustache one you had suggested, the skeleton could think "All I said was 'I moustache you a question' and he pulls out an axe!!" (because "moustache" sounds like "must ask")