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    a Bit Brutal reacted to James Gallagher in Multiplayer/x1x/pro support   
    Hey there, sorry for the delay - I wanted to make sure I was giving you the most up to date info.
    Multiplayer won't be in the game at launch but we are exploring it as a potential update in the future.
    Running on PS4 Pro, the game will have longer draw distance and better shadow effects/post process effects automatically on.
    There are no specific enhancements for Xbox One X at the moment.
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    a Bit Brutal reacted to Enka in Welcome to the Official Pure Farming Forum   
    Ok, my bad. Didn't see the x or the pro behind it.
    it seems the Xbox One X is backwards compatible. It doesn't seem like this game is made specifically for that system.
    the PS4 Pro does not seem to support backwards compat. Same story otherwise.
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    a Bit Brutal reacted to Enka in Multiplayer/x1x/pro support   
    I recently got the answer they've always given: they currently aren't focused on multiplayer, but they are aware alot of people want it and are taking it in consideration. I doubt it will have multiplayer on release.