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    kx-ll-Legion got a reaction from Slayboarder in Be The Zombie Balancing Update - 12/1/2018   
    Fix the matchmaking please lul can never find matches
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    kx-ll-Legion got a reaction from Slayboarder in New nest spawn locations   
    I'm not sure if it's just me but I'm tired of going to the same nests each time to destroy them, they should at least add new areas of the map to put the nests at, so much of the maps old town especially have do much potential in areas they could put nests at
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    kx-ll-Legion got a reaction from Renfur in Post Any Btz Bugs/exploits Here   
    As it needs to be it's a very frustrating glitch and although I have many friends who use it it is very annoying to be one inch rained all the time
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    kx-ll-Legion reacted to Renfur in BTZ Leaderboards?   
    They already have a hidden leaderboard. Its based off of your wins and losses. If you lose, you lose x amount of points on the ladder. If you win, you gain x amount of points on the ladder. This is what determines if you are good enough to join the players you choose in matchmaking, and it gives you a popup if you try to join someone with a much higher ELO than yourself. Although it clearly doesn't evaluate the skill level properly as most new people beat other new players easily and then are mislead to believe they can beat better players.  :v 
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    kx-ll-Legion reacted to Destrucc23 in Post Any Btz Bugs/exploits Here   
    Gp spit, itackle and now this ? Do You want to even remove this ? I don't get it really, do you actually want the hunter to be like doing groundpounds, tackles, pounces only and trying hard to aim to get a stuck spit ? This will make this game even more dead and boring more than it is right now tbh. And don't pull that "you can't win without exploits" argument because i still do after repair slice gp spit itackle etc..
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    kx-ll-Legion got a reaction from Vallon in Be The Zombie Balancing Update - 12/1/2018   
    So originally when this update came out i thought it was completely bogus and thought it was not needed. Now after playing both hunter and human equally ive learned how wrong i was. First off i love the 2v1 buff because animation abuse was a huge deal in 2v1s ie. you get dropkicked into a power slice/rain. Also in 4v1s and 3v1s there is no more dfa abuse(same for 2v1s 1v1s). Im enjoying human more than i ever had due to the fact of a challenge. What this update did is make it to where only good survivors are left. 1v1s are pretty much the easiest for human imo and i love it. Im big on 1v1s so this update is ushering a new age of humans that are amazing in 1v1s due to the fact they adapted to the update and not whine about it. Also due to the removal/nerf of auto balance people that do not deserve the win won't get it, j can't say enough how much I've hated autobalance, I would semi flawlessing a hunter the autobalance kicks in and they win, or when my hunter kills a human 6 lives on the first nest then the human can make a comeback because of autobalanc. All in all it means no more victories are being handed for kids that can't win without autobalance