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  1. Survivor

    Be The Zombie Balancing Update - 12/1/2018

    I agree. I too keep checking back for any sort of notice from the Devs as to whether or not they are even deciding about change. At least a "no, we are not making any changes" instead of keeping the question in the air. Perhaps they are too busy making more changes, who knows. But a response would be appreciated, any kind of response I completely agree with this.
  2. Survivor

    Be The Zombie Balancing Update - 12/1/2018

    I just want to say that regardless of who you are/how long you've played, you have no more right to an opinion about the game as someone who has played it for 10 minutes. About you saying I'm a "random player", neither of us have to prove anything, but I've beaten most, if not all the top tier PS4 hunter players... with just my fists. I've been playing the game since launch and shortly after its release is when I started to use just my fists. So before you de-mind me because of my loadout - or lack thereof - remind yourself that this is a video game which has had thousands of players, all at different skills and all with their own styles. If there was only one way to play any game, nobody would play video games because they would be stale and boring. I sincerely hope you can have an open mind about that and trust me when I say that I am a great player - using only fists. I appreciate your advice about playing, however I'm aware of all this and it needn't be said. We're all just here to have some fun but I feel as if there is no fun in being blatantly overpowered. As I've said a couple times now, my suggestions are not all meant to be implemented at once. Yes, I feel a couple are necessary, but for even one of the others to be added, that would just be a bonus. as for the exploits I've spoken of, there's many. To name a few; tackling and pounces through objects, making them impossible to evade. Landing behind a survivor with tendrils to tackle them instantly from the back without the ability to be evaded. The ability to charge up a ground pound while using tendrils. Being able to tackle a survivor from a higher surface, glitching out the screen of the survivor and confusing them. Pouncing a survivor from close range to have the "flash radius" of the hunter be moved to a random location somewhere around the survivor, making it impossible to evade. Being able to tackle while running perpendicular to a survivor, making the hunters animation glitch out, having him not even be facing you, hitting you with the side of his body These are most, but certainly not all the exploits/glitches alike that I see every time I'm playing a higher ranked hunter. Excuse me if some of them are intended, but if that's the case, they should be worked on to smooth them out, so it's not so rigid and broken looking.
  3. Survivor

    Be The Zombie Balancing Update - 12/1/2018

    Thanks for the reply. I do agree some of the things I said may have been far fetched, but I was just giving many suggestions and ideas that maybe one of them be implicated. What I meant about the tackle, was that the hunter, even after using tendrils on the ground, would have to run on the ground for maybe a second, or half, before being able to tackle. This would be instead of using tendril on the floor while simultaneously holding the tackle button to perform a tackle instantly upon reaching the end of the tendril. One thing I definitely think should be implemented, as you said, is the damage reduction from animations as a hunter. The reason being, after a hunter performs a successful attack, it's impossible to lower his health to empty unless he was previously damaged to low health before his successful pounce. But if you do happen to have that chance, of getting his health to 0 while he's atop your teammate, he's still unable to die. Which is completely ridiculous considering the survivor has no such handicap when it comes to zombie hordes or virals
  4. Survivor

    Be The Zombie Balancing Update - 12/1/2018

    To put it bluntly, yes, I am biased. Have I played the hunter before the update? Yes. The only time I've lost as a hunter was in 3v1's, however you can see now I am talking about 1v1's. if you read my post without your clouded judgement, you would see that I didn't say to implement all of these. They are merely suggestions that I fed to the developers, as this thread is meant to be. All I've seen you post is "get good" and "If I was a bad player, I'd play on PS4. I'm the best". Let me guess, you're a hunter player? My suggestions is that you're banned from this thread for being one of those internet thread trolls. To reply to your concern, why should I have to completely change my playstyle to even have a mild chance at surviving due to the update? Have you ever played as a human against an apex predator spamming exploit after exploit? I don't know I single widowmaker and above who hasn't relied on exploits to win the game on top of their BOOSTED spits. How is it that the duration of a uv suppress spit is basically the same amount of time that it takes for the hunter to gain another UV suppress spit? How am I meant to use a shield when the hunter uses uv block, spits uv suppress (that I'm supposed to block with my shield) and flash them with a light at the same time to ask defend against their pounce? Impossible. How am I meant to defend against a ground pound while in my flare, when a hunter is able to charge up his ground pound WHILE using tendrils, fly to me at blinding speeds, and ground pound before I even have a chance to react? Please, before posting, try fighting on both sides rather than gaining a hard on for the boosted night hunter update, like only the hunter players have
  5. Survivor

    Be The Zombie Balancing Update - 12/1/2018

    I'm a Survivor player, and I must say. This night hunter update put me off IMMENSELY. My preferred play style was with fists, which is now impossible even in a 1v1 situation. Some balancing suggestions I have are: Spits: -change blast radius back to what it was. The explosion time on top of the effect duration increase is more than sufficient. -Zombie hordes should not spawn within the radius of the survivors map to avoid being killed (literally) the instant you're hit with the horde summoning spit. - The amount of zombie hordes that spawn should be reduced. Relentless wave after wave is insane, especially against a hunter who harasses you, not giving you a chance to stay on, or even get up to a building. - Recharge rate of the spits should be toned down a little bit. - Being hit with a UV suppress spit should slightly decrease the cooldown of flares, as the night hunter can either just spit toxins on your flare, or groundpound your flare, leaving you completely open with nothing to do. - Being in an animation (drop kick, hunter tackle, hunter pounce, drop attack, etc.) should either stop survivor from taking damage completely or SIGNIFICANTLY reduce the damage amount and also permit the survivor from dying from outside sources (zombie horde explosion, walkers/virals, explosive barrels, etc.) just the same as the night hunter gets from the same animations, plus a successful pounce. Hunter Abilities: - Hunter claw hit radius and hit distance should be significantly reduced, considering it also stuns the survivor and stops the survivor from performing actions - Tackle should be able to be avoided from the sides, along with the front, but not from the back of a survivor. This is to stop the exploit of hunters running into you to have their tackle hit you from the side, making it impossible to dodge. - Tackle should have to have a running start of maybe 1 or 1.5 seconds, or a certain amount of distance to pass before being able to activate. This takes away the exploit of hunters using tendrils on the ground to land behind you and tackle you instantly after touching a surface. (Same could be done for survivor drop kick) - Tendril speed should be very slightly reduced - Hunter pounce should have a longer time to be interrupted, the further a hunter is away from the target - UV heal should need 2 UV blocks to activate and UV block should have a longer recharge rate and have a longer cast time Misc.: - Drop attack height should be reduced. Not so you can jump off a bus, but not so you basically have to jump off a building. - Being hit by a hunter spit, claw, or viral should not cancel your actions being performed (healing, throwing items, etc.) this makes it fair for survivors to be able to throw a flare if stuck with a spit, so hunter can't instantly pounce you after hitting you with a spit then using UV heal These changes I would strongly suggest to balance the game. I understand the changes initially made were intendid to help with newer hunters, but now, as an Ultimate Survivor, I've been losing to ranks of Walker, and can barely even kill an apex predator or get to one nest before losing 4 lives. And no, it's not due to "lack of skill", I just get put into situations where I have no defense. Being stun locked by tackle/ground pound, being exploited, being killed instantly by a bomber that spawns inside of my body, or crawls out from under a car I'm standing beside/being stun locked to where I can't even throw a firecracker, or walk 2 steps to get away. Long term hunters can DECIMATE long term survivors like it's nothing. I truly hope you guys at tech land seriously take into consideration at least some of these suggestions I've made, if not most.