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  1. ZachoPacho

    NavMesh is being weird (Again)

    My map's NavMesh isn't getting the whole map (Or really any of it) when I try to load it. I tried to delete and redo the NavMesh folder, unlock and relock the terrain, and mess around with the settings a little bit, but that hasn't done anything yet. Screenshot link: .
  2. ZachoPacho

    UV lights?

    How would I add UV lights outside of a safezone? I tried looking into the data section and even the light options, but I can't seem to find it.
  3. ZachoPacho

    Spawn Weapons?

    How would I change (or add) starting weapons to my map so when the player spawns they get them automatically?
  4. I added some friendly Rais AI who shoot at zombies, but while playtesting, no sound came out of the guns, but all other sounds were fine. I really need help, thanks!