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    We want your feedback based on previews

    I am not the one to answer that because i don't know. That's one of the reasons adding modding was so important. Most people don't know the modders of Courseplay for fs 18 joined up with CnC and there doing a lot of the work for them and not getting any credit for it. Like i said before its the modders that take the game to a whole new level. It will be the same for Pure Farming 18.
  3. cletgdm

    We want your feedback based on previews

    Same here, i should have been a farmer in real life. I would plow a farmers field for free if he would let me.
  4. cletgdm

    We want your feedback based on previews

    Thanks James, looking forward to FS18
  5. cletgdm

    We want your feedback based on previews

    We can't stress enough that allowing modders to be able to make mods for PF18 will either make or break this sim. There are great modders that will be able to take PF18 to a whole new level. Giants FS would have never made it this far without the modders. This needs to be on the top of you're list. If your looking for a one time big sale you will get that because people are looking for something different. But if your looking at long term sales you need the modders to keep it alive just like Giants FS did. As danplayer01 said ( I'm also concerned that time will go by too quickly.) You need to do something to show that this is something your going to do.
  6. cletgdm

    We want your feedback based on previews

    One thing that would be helpful is to have the option to turn of withering. Thanks James
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    Welcome to the Official Pure Farming Forum

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    How would you like PF 2018 to...

    I am looking forward to the game also, already bought it and looking forward to playing it. I agree with you on brands. In other farming sims most of the brands i have never heard of i just buy what i think i'll need to get the job done and go farm. Like i said before, the modding community is what keeps a sim alive, just look at Euro Truck Simulator and American Truck Simulator look how long they have been out and there still going strong and the devs are still standing behind the games and giving updates.
  9. cletgdm

    How would you like PF 2018 to...

    I read on a forum that on fs when a player reaches a million dollars they are bored with the map and move on to another map and start over. For Pure Farming starting with 5 country's they have set themselves apart from any other farming sim. To be able to travel to any country on free farming and use the same player profile is huge. Just a thought that would be big is maybe once a year add another DLC country to what we will all ready have would be great. And i agree about adding new crops.And all so modding is a must and i read on the forum there going to have modding. If we would all be honest Giants FS would have died years ago if it wasn't for the modders. So having modding will take this sim to a hole new level for years to come.