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  1. Dying Light's been out for a bit, but we've seen a number of updates recently. I'm not sure if support's fully done, especially with the announcement of Dying Light 2 but it'd be great if there's a few updates to maybe address this. Currently, the sensitivity of the X and Y axes is different, with the vertical being lower than the horizontal. This isn't uncommon at all in games, but it creates a few issues. The first, being a more vertical game, vertical movement can feel sluggish, even if the horizontal sensitivity feels fine. The bigger issue however, is that it affects diagonal movement. Having the X/Y sensitivities different alters the diagonal movement(making it incorrect) and putting a bias towards the more sensitivity axis. So in this case, if you push the stick at a 45' angle, you won't see the cursor move at that angle. You'll see it move lower(maybe closer to 30'-35'). This can be shown video here: Extreme examples of different X/Y ratios in DOOM: I don't know what exact ratio Dying Light uses specifically, but being able to customize the X/Y separately would allow us to keep it the same as it is currently, or set them equal so we can have both the same sensitivities and correct diagonal movement. If not for this, please consider adding it in Dying Light 2 and future titles.