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  1. Hi guys Not a big deal but I noticed North on the Slums and North on the Broadcast Antenna areas are opposite. I wondered if I had moved to the other side of the water, but you can see the Arena in both pictures. not important.. but FYI
  2. Hi guys new here... Firstly, I would like to say *just in case* i won't be back.. Techland have given me great value for money in Dying Light.. despite having found the jumping a unreliable nightmare which did *not* add to the charm of this game.. I cannot fault the heart of the Techland Devs who made this game.. it's a masterpiece in the vein of Far Cry 3 or 4. Far Cry with Zombies. Techland whom I had never heard of.. have earned a warm fuzzy place in *my* heart for their love of gaming matching mine. ... in fact much more than Ubisoft with their 'hate Catholics thing'. I digress.. Erm.. why do I risk getting banned if I use modding tools? A: welp, because there's a PVP/co-op MP aspect to this game. Fair enough.. I don't want to mess with any real situations of PVP. .. .. BUT.. why don't we have separate solo sessions from the startup menu with Devs providing the modding tools? I mean.. a 'dev session' where you can't save and everything gets wiped at the end is a little like Minecraft Creative mode. Means I could fly over and have a good old look at the off-map buildings I wanna see. A: you DO realize that Devs have better things to do with their time than make game modes. Erm.. okay.. but then why come here if not to share wishlists, ideas and thoughts? A: Because life is about money. not ideas. .. no.. wait. thats EA. nevermind. There's a point there though.. most Dev teams / Publishers don't care if they are selling you a game or tooth paste or tin foil. Techland have treated me well. I'll remember that Dava