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  1. BigPoppyLSU

    First details on modding tools for Pure Farming 2018

    Ok, I guess I will bite. Your video gave us a generic use 3D software to make a mod for the game and then shows the mod in game. Where is the video or information on your tool to import the mod into the game. Is it fully integrated into the game or is it a separate package (i.e. Giants Editor) that will be used for that purpose. Will mods be allowed on console version or PC only version? Are mods limited to vehicles only or is mapping including? Will scripting be allowed both console and PC? Etc, etc, etc etc, etc, etc, etc. As with all the information provided all generic and no depth right up to release. How can we choose to make a decision on your product with superficial information? Sure the 10 year olds will ask mommy to buy it so they can jump tractors off a hill but the farming simulator fans want depth of gameplay.
  2. BigPoppyLSU

    First details on modding tools for Pure Farming 2018

    That was about half chupacabra generic as could it could possibly get on information. Game releases in how many days? Sad example of communication going on with your organization. Starting to think this game is about another year away from full development. Oh well. Good luck all. Not for me.
  3. BigPoppyLSU

    How would you like PF 2018 to...

    How actual modding is implemented into the game may set it apart. Building a modding development tool that fully integrates into the game to allow for cross-platform functionality create a great divide between Pure Farming and competitors. AI helpers that perform tasks appropriately without being a hinderance to productivity. I believe the biggest loss of focus is turn by turn mechanics of helpers. Speaking for myself, I could care less to watch a helper manipulate a piece of equipment around a field. I care that the field gets the assigned task done. Now going to find my tractor in a pond a a 1/3 of the field done and a 1/3 of the next field that I didn't want touched done I do care about.
  4. BigPoppyLSU

    Check out the Best Things Come in Threes Trailer

    Was actually hoping the challenge type events would occur during Free Farming to make it more realistic. Drought, fire, flooding, etc occur on real farms. This is one of the biggest complaints with the current leading simulator. Too arcade mode not realistic. Even on Hard Mode just prices get challenge.
  5. BigPoppyLSU

    Welcome to the Official Pure Farming Forum

    Glad to hear mod support is coming to Pure Farming. Very positive to see forum started and questioned answered promptly. Looking forward to release.