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  1. NikoTosic

    I need help for a trophy

    Hello everybody so i miss 3 trophys for platinum, 10 coop and 7 wins in coop (thats not important) but the last one is where i need to find end save 15 survivors from rais men, i already beat the game (legend18) and when chacking in my progression i only have 3/15 which is wierd because i tried to save everybody through my playthrough, but ok i still need 12 and i cannont find them, any advice please ? its pisssing mi off because i want to complete it for that platinum
  2. NikoTosic


    I just did a speed run with a random guy there are some chests i got 3 grey weapons lol better stick with stuffed turtle
  3. NikoTosic


    Hello survivors so i just did the prison by my self it took me like 1h20 to do it but i was checking every single corner in hope to find anything and at the end when i got those demolishers i was heading to the next lvl in the quaranrine zone and once inside the timer started telling me to leave the prison and i just run streight to the exit and it teleported me at the begining of the map so my question is : was there anything to find inside the quarantine zone or not ?
  4. NikoTosic

    Be The Zombie Balancing Update - 12/1/2018

    I got back on the game last night and i was playing 3v1,4v1 it was dynamic i didnt had that much problem with spits because i dodge the majority of them and we won almost all of our games so idk i guess i find it good the way it is, but it was not easy against some of them and thats a good point we were always covering our back, a team mate got uv spit i quiclky got back to him to help him vice-versa., the sad thing is that i cant find those players anymore it was a random join so we were all lucky in a way.
  5. NikoTosic


    Hello Why is the game always switching me from time to time to bozak horde for no reason so a always have to go back to slums or old city to get my equipement back its boring because i always watch to have stuffed turtle or some other quest active so i dont get there but somehow the game is switching them to bozak its so annoying, any solution ?
  6. NikoTosic

    Be The Zombie Balancing Update - 12/1/2018

    I know that sometime they spawn on the roof i got my self killed sometime this way but hey what can i do, i mean they spawn randomly sometime they will spawn 10m away sometime in front of you thats rhe game, everytime i get hit by horde spit i always look my radar because you can see them on the minimap, and sometime i get killed even if im not touch by the spit thats because the other player got hit and i was somewhere in that area where they started spawning and got killed, so even if its not you you gotta be careful the good thing about that is that you can automaticly see if one of your buddy got hit by the spit (uv or horde) by the icon on their name so you can go to help him if its UV spit (saved many lives that way and got saved) or if its horde spit you can go somewhere higher. And lets be honest if they were only spawning on the streets that skill would be 100% useless in slums or old town and if they change the radius of the horde spawning area it would be even more useless. So the question is what is the area radius spawning of the horde because its based on the player who got hit by the spit and they will start spawning around him but if you are inside that radius you may be in danger too (if it works that way)!? On the other side for DFA i was watching some videos from before it was way to easy to kill the hunter that way basicly you just dodge his tackle and you perform an easy DFA on him. Ps: The hunter is punished bbecause generalky if you kill him you got one of his nests or at least you have free time to run to them
  7. NikoTosic

    Be The Zombie Balancing Update - 12/1/2018

    Same as survivor all you have to do is to dodge the spit so its preaty equal, today i played with some random dude as survivors and we won like 5,6 time in a row against some juggernauts baiter and carnivores the only time i took some spits was only when i was cornered or something like that and they were all spiting, sure they are going to spit all rhe time thats their job but you just have to dodge as he have to dodge the DFA. The problem is not if he spit 100 times in a match the problem is if you let him touch you 100 times.
  8. NikoTosic

    Be The Zombie Balancing Update - 12/1/2018

    What do you mean by ultimate survivor for gold weapons ? If its not dying more than 3 times against the NH (idk i read somewhere that thats how it works maybe wrong ?) its doable more doable in 1v1 than +. I already got some gold weapons this way but always the same ex: 2 gold smackhamers (btw really shame you cant use a blueprint on that one) Ps: its about ranks apparently tou have to be underdog to start looting them from the game (im a runner right now thats why)
  9. NikoTosic

    New game +

    Hello everybody i want to start a new game + on nightmare with no hud no hook but i already beat the game on nightmare so me question is are they are going to be even more powerfull (like adapting to my level) or do they stay the same as on normal nightmare ? + I would like some suggestions for challange i know that this is not the most hardcore game but who care so: Only night plays No Hud No hook Only silencer from guns (no shotgun rifle) Bow/Crossbow Weapons : from shop/loot (or only loot) No safe house maybe (only the main ones) Any good ideas ? Thanks
  10. NikoTosic

    Be The Zombie Balancing Update - 12/1/2018

    Men i kill the goons with 2 arrows in the head (sometime 1 hit) and the virals with one hard swing, kill the hunter trow a flare kill the goons kill the virals meanwhile hes gonna respawn kill him again then destroy the nest, sure if you are fighting him and the goons and the virals in the same time you are going to lose, its really not a big deal dealing with zombies around the nest, example if you kill the hunter and got like 3,4 virals drop a flare they are going to stop then 4 hard swings and they are dead with goons you only need to be sure that the hunter is not around you take a bow and kill them easy, and if hes still alive then i really dont understand what are you doing in the middle of the nest with all the zombies and him jumping around waiting for oportunity, i mean ok the first 2 nests are easy (got like few zombies and some virals) but after those nests you need to make a plan and decision nest or hunter but certenly not to 2 in the same time
  11. NikoTosic

    Be The Zombie Balancing Update - 12/1/2018

    Hmm i dont think so or maybe it was a 4v1 match then 3 of them left and i left aftherthat because it was getting boring (breaks the rythm of the game) so if it was you gg you play good and about 250 its not a first time taht im matched with them some ones are really good the other one are chupacabra like how can you be 250l and play like that Ps: i play on ps4 so i dont know if we meet somewhere what is your nickname ? Yoy are talking about how hard it is in the slums thats why i said that sometime i take a longer path but better for me you got to use the enviremznt men. In fact thats the thing i like a lot about slums, countryside and old city each map has his own game style
  12. NikoTosic

    Be The Zombie Balancing Update - 12/1/2018

    Well if you are playing alone you need to progres slowly you need to make your way if he killed you 6 times it means you played bad 6 times the only way for him to make an easy kill is only if you let him do that, or if you are playing in team well your team sucks if you are not protecting each other Ps: tackle>dodge
  13. NikoTosic

    Be The Zombie Balancing Update - 12/1/2018

    Hello everybody this is my first message on the forum so about BTZ what i have to say ??? Hmm Great and im talking in both ways as a survivor/hunter I have been reading some posts in last few days and decided to make an acc and give my thoughts. It seems like there are a lot of people complaining about this and that and i think they dont give some time on actualy playing and trying to find the best solution for this and that hunter or human. I am legend 34 (maybe35) dont remember i started to play BTZ like 2,3 weeks ago and i have as much victorys when human or night hunter (got my 1st mutation yesterday) i dont have any problem with current settings in game i think the UV are good the way they are (you need to be careful how you use it dont blame something else if you put your self in akward situation with hunter) i think the same with hunter same akward situation what i mean by that well i play with what game give me and i try to read my monster or prey. Example : I meet one guy in some invadion and since we play together and we always try to read the hunter (what hes doing hes combos) we watch to be together but not in the same radius of 5m because of the hunter spits, sometime we take a little longer path to the nests because that one in the woods in front of us is not trusty (bad visibility, no hight ground in case of bombers etc) so as i said more victorys than defeats... pardon more aborted then defeats hehehe. For the night hunter same logic as they say devide to reign better, i played few hours ago against 4 survivors and basicly they were like 2 guys on lamps roof waiting for DFA i felt in that trap like maybe 2 times and at the end i won with last nest left it was a thought game (25-30m) it was a mental game i saw one a little bit separeted from the group i killed him i saw that one trying to run to the nest while the ithers 3 were fighting me i killed him and i came back, basicly the most important thing when you are NH is to never let the run freely. So in my case its not this skill is better then that or the cooldown is slower or faster then that one blablabla its about how you use what you have and for me its working prety well for now. Good night and good luck (ps sorry for some faults not my main language)