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  1. It seems the virus is really out of Haran. Because all are dead here :)
  3. lastbreath

    Scene From The Trailer - Is It In The Game?

    It's unfair! I was waiting for the DLC 50% because of that scene right from Dawn of the dead
  4. I finished the Following but there was no this scene from the trailer. Is it in the game or it's made only for the trailer?
  5. lastbreath

    Interactive Dying Light Map (The Following)

    Strange, the site is working excellent when I try it with Win7 But it's unaccessable with WinXP Anyway, now I can open the site so don't worry.
  6. lastbreath

    Interactive Dying Light Map (The Following)

    Yes, I can't see it from Ukraine. But when I use German or US proxies - everything is fine. ???
  7. lastbreath

    Interactive Dying Light Map (The Following)

    I was searching for such map everywhere! Keep your job and thanks!!!
  8. Now, when Techland has enough experience in open world (Dying Light proves it well ) what about... an open world for Call of Juarez??? So many gamers want sequel of Red Dead Redemption. Then why not to create a competitor? Wild West with good main story, with big map to explore, it will be first day must buy, without a doubt!!! Also I want to remind that CoJ2 had some elements of open world already. And it was not so bad! I can't get this idea out of my head! It will be even better than Hellrade! If only Techland developers also like it...
  9. Cartel had good concept - modern cowboys, I'm not against it. But realisation was poor a little bit.
  10. HaNYolO Yes, I like Bound in Blood too, there were the best duels! But visual style of Gunslinger is awesome! Paweł Modliński Thanks for answer! Good luck, guys!
  11. Hi, I'm from Ukraine and I want to say that Gunslinger was one of the most memorable games of 2013. Amazing cell-shading design, really good humor and addictive gameplay - real little masterpiece! So I want to know do you plan to continue Call of Juarez series or maybe another game with the same cell-shading technology? Gunslinger was too good to be lost!