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  1. Ronin-Smurf

    Be The Zombie Balancing Update - 12/1/2018

    TBH as a Hunter i hate these buffs, I'm not the best Hunter as it is and if i get a win i want it to be due to skill not buffs. This " Be The Zombie Balancing Update " needs to be removed asap, The things that should have been done are getting rid of the exploits & shortening the spawn in time for both the Survivor & the Hunter as it takes way too long to respawn after being killed. Another thing u guys should think about is turning the Antenna map into a Team Death match map, 6 v 2 no nests just a score/time limit. If the buffs are not going to be removed then how about bringing back Super Crane to pvp's only or give the survivors permanent Night Hunter Booster while in a match & boost the effects of the weapon mods so they have more effect on the Hunter than they do now