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    Deadeye195 reacted to Survivor in Be The Zombie Balancing Update - 12/1/2018   
    I agree. I too keep checking back for any sort of notice from the Devs as to whether or not they are even deciding about change. At least a "no, we are not making any changes" instead of keeping the question in the air. Perhaps they are too busy making more changes, who knows. But a response would be appreciated, any kind of response
    I completely agree with this.
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    Deadeye195 reacted to Soulborn141 in BTZ January 2018 update   
    So after playing the game after the btz update for a couple weeks, i have a few things to say.
    -The DFA nerf was a necessary nerf, It never felt good to just jump off a bus and pull off a DFA,  but reducing the grab distance needed for performing a DFA might have been going too far. Auto coursing (Automatically moving the player towards a soft landing such as a car) is still a thing and it is very frustrating to be robbed of a DFA because the game wants to throw you away from the hunter, rather then allowing you to sit on top of him and ready yourself for a DFA, and makes DFAs near impossible to pull off.
    -Spit buffs. Im not entirely sure about this one. I wouldn't have a problem with it if the telebomber glitch was patched. I think that should be #1 Priority at this point. The uv suppressor spit can easily be countered if your playing with a good teammate. Toxic spits need to be nerfed heavily. The amount of ground they cover and the amount of damage they do is absurd. 4v1 the hunter can have possibly over 5 toxic puddles around the players, making is very difficult to move around and fight the hunter because your battling against not stepping in it more then your fighting against the hunter, and the hunter coming and trying to tackle and slam you into the toxic doesn't help. Sense suppressor spits, lets be honest. These are not effective at all. Their easily countered by having good headphones/surround sound, or having good teammates with good communication.
    The weapon scaling nerf for 2v1s. This was needed, don't get me wrong. but its annoying and obnoxious to hit the hunter and constantly have him getting away with 3 hp. Simple counter to this is always carrying a gun on you, so not too bothered by this. The main problem with this is throwing your 2 handed weapon doesn't 1 hit anymore, and unless the hunter misses a gp, your almost never gonna land a 2 handed throw. my main way for punishing the hunter for missing a gp was tackle then throw a 1 handed, which usually killed him, but now it leaves him with what im guessing is 3-6 hp left, which is very annoying. This nerf was needed, and allows for 2 people to actually work together, and not have 1 carry the other to victory.
    The uv light nerf was completely unnecessary to be honest. flickering the uv light never really hurt the hunter that much anyways. nerfing it for 3v1 and 4v1 is understandable, but in 1v1 and 2v1 situations, you cant keep the hunter grounded long enough to be able to get a kill on him. Its not worth the effort to try and get the hunter to 0 energy anymore, its only good to keep him from being able to pounce you.
    Additional things:
    The amount of virals and goons that spawn in on a nest is absurd. sometimes in 1v1s and 2v1s up to 4 goons will spawn on a single nest, and we can never catch a break from the virals around it either. This definitely needs to be changed.
    Auto coursing was mentioned before in the DFA nerf, but i honestly feel like this game mechanic needs to be removed from the game entirely. Even playing the pve side of the game its so annoying to deal with.
    There is also a bug in the game where during invasions, i cant walk through teammates. This needs to be patched because it makes big issues with teamwork.\
    In conclusion, with this update, winning as the zombie isn't rewarding in any way and allows for noob hunters with little skill to take down a group of well experienced players with ease, and playing as the survivor honestly isn't fun anymore.
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    Deadeye195 reacted to Vallon in Be The Zombie Balancing Update - 12/1/2018   
    So when is the spit regen in team games getting nerfed? I get that you need feedback and can't act on impulse, but literally every single player, including Hunter-only players, agrees that they need a serious tone down. A minimum of 45 spits per match and going as far as 60+ is insane.
    While it can be quite fun surviving against nigh-impossible odds, it does not make it an equal playing field when it comes to skill. Before the update, when a skilled Hunter entered a team game of maybe slightly above-average players, he still had a sizeable chance of losing because Survivors had a better/easier/more exploitable kit. Now it's the opposite - a low-skilled Hunter can definitely take down an individually better team, just by knowing how to spam spits, spam UV heal and retreat if nothing hits.
    Witnessing that kind of play is, quite frankly, ugly. It's like I'm watching DFA crows and DK waiters in a Hunter version. Just like how that was a problem that was thankfully removed, this incessant spam of spits needs to go too.
    I don't really understand how hard it could be to change a few numeric values, but I'm not the dev here. It would be great if we could at least get a response that some kind of tweak down is coming.
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    Deadeye195 reacted to Ratackle in Be The Zombie Balancing Update - 12/1/2018   
    Greetings Developers, I hope a video i made will explain my opinion better that just words. Enjoy.
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    Deadeye195 reacted to GamerMom1969 in Be The Zombie Balancing Update - 12/1/2018   
    Good morning/afternoon/evening
    I represent a Dying Light Xbox One exclusive Facebook page with over 7000 members who are extremely upset with the update to the Be the Zombie! Many of them have already left the game due to the changes and i'm  sure many around the world and not just in my group have done the same! I have heard that it is near impossible to find players will to join Invasions after their update!
    While we all agree that the Night Hunter was a tad underpowered and needed the new buffs in order to compete with the Humans(Surviors), what was not appropriate in the eyes of many I have spoken with not only in my group but in numerous groups on Facebook and other social media sites, was taking away or increasing cooldown times for certain Human attributes! I am attaching what they see as not fair and feel if just the Humans were given back the abilities prior to the update(without taking away the buffs for the Hunter), they would be satisfied and return to the game! As an Admin and Manager, I don't see this going well for the game as a whole since I'm sure 60-70% of the players play BTZ and if u lose them to other games, u will also lose reg players as well! My member activity has gone down drastically (not the point)! The point is if these are not remedied soon, I don't see how the game will be seen in the same light! You listened to the Hunters but not the Humans when it came to Hunters using glitches and cheats to win or just aborting if things weren't going their way! But instead of truly balancing the mode, u sent it in the other direction! While I and my group may be a drop in the bucket of ur players, imagine other groups as large or larger than mine walking out of the BTZ! Please consider at least giving back what u took from the Humans while leaving the perks/buffs you gave the Hunters! 
    Thanks for your time and consideration!
    Christine aka GamerMom1969

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    Deadeye195 reacted to Chickeninja in Be The Zombie Balancing Update - 12/1/2018   
    Gaming improving decision making and problem solving? That seems to only hold in the narrow sense of the game itself because it doesn’t appear to be as true as the gaming public would like to believe, i.e. you won’t learn how to smoothen social moves, drive better, perform surgery better, or make better decisions generally in the world by say becoming an experienced tactics specialist of Be the Zombie. I don’t see the evidence but since I don’t read everything, perhaps EM could enlighten us and point towards the science that establishes that.
    Nerves of steel? Lol, with all these benefits from better decision making, to better problem solving, AND growing uber balls it sounds like we could substitute military training and education with playing Be the Zombie. It’s cheaper and we get the same or better results.
    The problem with specialist arguments: just play a few more hundred or thousand hours and you’ll see what we mean. And that’s perfectly legitimate as far as opinions go, but falls flat when considering everyday facts: doing anything for a few hundred hours will make a person feel like they’re learning something, overcoming something, or conquering fear “practicing steel nerves”, training reflexes etc. But whether this is true for people's lives and in which sense they truly benefit? That seems much more unclear: how can you distinguish a time wasting activity from a bad game that keeps requiring you to spend more and more hours to "get it"?
    You could say the same about any other game or activity, even unpleasant ones that aren't fun. What makes a quality game world class and distinguishes it imho, is that you don’t have to earn a degree and spend hundreds of hours to learn what normal play is like and people still feel empowered in their choices and excited to play. Good game implies that genuine fun can be had easily. Hundreds of hours means that this is a specialist’s game mode and that balance decisions are made to benefit the highest level of play, while the rest have to bite a learning curve harsher than the early players, that tell everybody to grow some, when that's always easy for us to say because we were around the longest.
    And in the case of Starcraft etc. this is fine but Techland’s position remains clear regarding the question: Is the game mode only for PvP specialists (that have the freedom to play for hours daily) or is it for the general public to enjoy casually? And the balancing updates have swung BOTH ways, which nourishes false expectations that try to please everybody with neither specialists or beginners satisfied. Techland has repeatedly stated that they want to cater both to veterans’ as well as to casual expectations. But who knows what route they'll take in the end?
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    Deadeye195 got a reaction from Chickeninja in Be The Zombie Balancing Update - 12/1/2018   
    I agree we all have our on style. We play what is fun. That's what we play for. Ya I like a challenge but I also had fun being able to rain death on a hunter but now it is almost impossible. I just want some of the grab distance back. As far as tje other buffs i can handle them. They do tend to overwhelm you with spits sometimes. 
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    Deadeye195 got a reaction from Chickeninja in Be The Zombie Balancing Update - 12/1/2018   
    I agree we all have our on style. We play what is fun. That's what we play for. Ya I like a challenge but I also had fun being able to rain death on a hunter but now it is almost impossible. I just want some of the grab distance back. As far as tje other buffs i can handle them. They do tend to overwhelm you with spits sometimes. 
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    Deadeye195 reacted to Soulborn141 in Be The Zombie Balancing Update - 12/1/2018   
    The height increase to be able to pull off a dfa was definitely needed, but reducing the grab reach definitely was going too far. Auto coursing (auto aim for soft landings) still exists and because of it landing dfas is almost impossible to do because most of the time your being thrown away from the hunter.
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    Deadeye195 got a reaction from Survivor in Be The Zombie Balancing Update - 12/1/2018   
    I have tried several times to give it a go with this new patch and after at least 50 horrible games I believe I'm done playing until we get some balance back.
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    Deadeye195 reacted to Soulborn141 in Be The Zombie Balancing Update - 12/1/2018   
    Even if i land right on top of the hunter, and i mean dead center, ill miss because all the hunter has to do is take a step forward and you will miss which is bull chupacabra. As for 60 spits in 30 minutes, thats nothing. Me and a few friends played a hunter that let out 76 spits in 20 minutes.
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    Deadeye195 reacted to Illenic in Be The Zombie Balancing Update - 12/1/2018   
    It sucks to play as a survivor now. Night hunter is overpowered playing against the hunter is boring now, with all the help the hunter gets already between the virals and the GOONS as if that wasn’t help enough as it is. 
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    Deadeye195 reacted to elle in Be The Zombie Balancing Update - 12/1/2018   
    NikoTosic didn't I just see you in a game you joining in as a hunter than aborting cause you saw two level 250s in a game lol?  You need not criticize a player who's trying to give feedback to the game and I can relate with the other players and the complete frustration from these updates.  It was fairly difficult before and now it's just hopeless.  I keep getting killed repeatedly in a game with uv spit and flair running out I have no defenses what's so ever and with all the objects and buildings on the streets of slums and old town it's crazy hard to avoid spits as it is and now the spit explosion was expanded?  Does that make sense to anyone?  This is going to sound crazy, but take away the sensory disabling spit, put all the previous specs for humans back in place and then some (give us more uv or something) and maybe put another bTz in there so the one doesn't feel ganged up on.  I see many quit cause all four us are attacking him at once. I think OP-ing just the one Btz is imbalancing the game? Maybe some TDMs too  
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    Deadeye195 reacted to elle in Be The Zombie Balancing Update - 12/1/2018   
    There were so many Hunters, Carnivores and Apex Predators tonight over and over.  This game is total trash now!  How the heck you going to give all those advantages to hunters?  They have so many insta kills with bombers, pounces, toxic spits, uv spit that turns into insta kills and what do humans have??  Oh right you took that away because DFA now has to be precise.  I did one rain death tonight after playing over 4 hours because a friend allowed me.  I couldn't get a single DFA when I would get maybe 5 or something in a night.  You took away one of the most funniest part of this game.  Why do hunters get to level up so easily and humans stay prey all the time? After I get UV spit on me and throw a flair down, it runs out but I still have uv spit on me and insta death.  NH have so many more weapons at their disposal with toxic spit, sensory disabling, horde, uv spits and very mobile.  Don't you think that's a bit much even for 4 players?  If NH are complaining when they first start out, it's because they aren't good at it.  I made it all the way to Carnivore and played against some tough players and also played lots of newbies. Please remove all the updates. There were four of us against apexs and with all these hunter updates it was bad every game and we're all mid-level skills.  Out of the 20 games I played, I only won 1.  Why do we lose a life when a person leaves?  Many times they leave cause it lags out or gets disconnected.  This game could be so much better but now it's not playable at all. I'm going to insta quit this game lol. 
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    Deadeye195 reacted to DyingLight1885 in Be The Zombie Balancing Update - 12/1/2018   
    This is bullshit it was good as it was now its almost impossible to kill hunters im fùking selling this shÌt
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    Deadeye195 reacted to DyingLight1885 in Be The Zombie Balancing Update - 12/1/2018   
    This is unfair. Hunters now are able to just spam away spits and hit thanks to the reduced time and there was nothing wrong with the raindeath height this very much is unfair and im a decent survivor new players will think playing as the human is a living hell.
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    Deadeye195 reacted to Hank J. Wimbleton in Be The Zombie Balancing Update - 12/1/2018   
    After playing many games even I'm starting to believe that this is a bit too much. Inexperienced/new Hunters get way too much leeway with the new spit mechanics which encourages spam, little effort, and little thought. Combine that with the Auto-Balance, which is still broken and unfair, makes it even more tedious to fight a Hunter.
    Here is a scenario when fighting a new/inexperienced Hunter: Hunter engages; realizes he can't pounce easily; starts spitting and misses ALOT; runs away to recharge; then proceeds to either wait for spits or attack in utter failure; after the human kills the first or second nest auto-balance kicks in and gives Hunter too much forgiveness as he can now spam spits to his hearts content with, again little effort and little thought; which leads to a very tedious and frustrating stalling match where all he needs to do is spit and run for the next 10-15 minutes in a match. All the while he gets to run away freely with no consequence, and even if you do kill him if the Survivor has a spit on him it will last on him when the Hunter respawns and engages the Survivor again because Auto-Balance is allows him to respawn insanely fast and continue to stall, and the spits effects last way to long.
    Against an Experienced player however, its a whole different story. Animation abuse to lock players in place with either the UV Shield-Pounce trick or using Tackle making it 100% guaranteed for the spit to land unless his aim is bad, or mis-predicts. The fact narrow places or areas that offer little room to maneuver favor these new spits makes it more difficult as all the Hunter has to do is wait for the right time to engage, or literally use Tendril Sprint to dash around rooftops and fake his engages in order to drain the UV Light. UV Heal also makes it that if you are hit with a UV Spit you're 100% dead with no chance to even toss a flare. Killing him doesn't help either because once he respawns he's already loaded and has that second UV Shield and UV Spit ready if he manages to kill a Survivor. Also I don't know if its just me but I think the spits are recharging way too fast in 1v1 when the Hunter is winning, and that the UV Light seems to drain much faster when using it. Lastly there is some glitch or something involving Ground Pound where even after the auto-aim was patched some Hunters manage to still lock on perfectly. I don't know if its because of this Pre-Patch glitch I keep hearing or something else. One last thing to note is that when hit by a UV Spit and when its effect wears off, the UV Light has a chance to make Survivors start with very little battery which is rather unfair.
    Now another problem that rises is the fact that before this patch spits were very easy to dodge. Literally anyone can dodge them unless some of the broken techniques from above were used, the Hunter lands a Tackle, has god-like aim, or manages to get a spit to hit in very specific situations. I personally don't know a solution, but it is something to note.
    If there is one thing I can say its that please REMOVE THE AUTO-BALANCE. Seriously Survivors get a penalty for winning while Hunters get a buff for losing. That is seriously broken and is a horrible incentive. Survivor Scenario: He gets to a nest at the start and it has two broods. Kills them, and then proceeds to have to do longer stuff which somewhat stalls the game, but helps he Hunter. The second a Survivor is winning his next nest will have 3 broods, one or two goons and more zombies to deal with in order to avoid getting grabbed, taking damage, or stunned. This is all on top of a player controlled Hunter. The goons are by far the worst of them because even if you kill them or are about to they suddenly respawn and thus its more work for the Survivor, and its just time waster for Hunter to respawn quicker.
    In summery, after playing many matches (mostly 1v1) it does feel rather unfair because of how little effort is made to land spits with the use of broken tactics, and leads to Survivors dying easily. The UV Light flickering can be something real big as Hunters can fake their engages to waste battery, and have to save battery the hunter is not within line of sight.
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    Deadeye195 reacted to CartierC in Be The Zombie Balancing Update - 12/1/2018   
    you dont think 18 spits in a 1v1 is a bit much? lol
    I mean for me, someone who doesn't like to duplicate items will use what medkits I have, what flares are given to me but it seems after every death, the hunter is already prepped with a full set of spits including UV heal which then leads to an overused tactic of spit+pounce+uv heal over and over. No effort whatsoever. Other than that, I agree with everything else.
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    Deadeye195 reacted to Shahbaz akhtar in Be The Zombie Balancing Update - 12/1/2018   
    Those who were crying humans were more better are those who were totally noobs and didn't know how to play. It was totally balanced for veteran's hunters and humans. There are few hunters which are almost impossible to defeat. After this update they are surely too much overpowered to face head on plus totally noob hunters are difficult to defeat which is quite unfair. and those humans saying hunters are under powered are surely those who always hide behind there partners and don't do 1v1s at all. It was a total fair game. Loved to play and enjoy this game but this update ruined it. 
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    Deadeye195 reacted to DLB KillaKushman in Be The Zombie Balancing Update - 12/1/2018   
    60+ spits in one 15 min match is getting ridiculous.
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    Deadeye195 reacted to Marc Andris in Be The Zombie Balancing Update - 12/1/2018   
    I’ve played this game since day 1 and love it even today, but this so-called balancing update is way over the top and not good at all! For the Humans! I’m a decent player (as human) and now get wrecked almost every time I go against a Hunter. Before the recent change it was difficult enough to battle Hunters and now this makes it very one-sided! These changes have ruined my experience all together and if something isn’t done to make it fair again for the Human to complete, I personally will be finally giving up on this beloved game, like many others are now doing! Sorry, but these changes are so over the top it’s not even challenging for the Hunters!!! Even my friends who play Hunters think this is very unfair and a joke & kill us in record time! You can say I’m a whiner all you want but again, I speak the truth!!! Moreover, if you look at most players who play, even before these updates, hardly ever have Zombie Invasions ON! Why?
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    Deadeye195 reacted to James Gallagher in Be The Zombie Balancing Update - 12/1/2018   
    Hey everyone, quick update for you: today we’ve returned Survivor Sense to how it was before this update. 
    We really appreciate all of the feedback you’ve given us since the update and we’re reading all of it very closely. Balancing an asymmetrical game mode like BtZ is a challenge, but your input helps us immensely, so thank you. 
    Right now we’re reviewing everything you’re telling us, and we’ll of course keep you informed of any more changes as a result.