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    Pure Farming 2018 PS4

    I have recently rented Pure Farming 2018 on console I have considered purchasing the game but I noticed that crops like oats and canola are not in the game. There's also a message that reads (available in dlc), but I checked PlayStation Store and nothing is there in regards to these missing crops. I'm currently playing the campaign do I unlock these crops upon completion? Will mod support be introduced in console?
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    Welcome to the Official Pure Farming Forum

    Hello everyone I almost made a mistake and bought a game called Real Farm mainly because I thought it was Pure Farming. I'm not trying to promote or advertise any content but I'm new to farming games and I'm currently playing my second farm game on PS4 called Farming Simulator 17. I have been watching videos of Pure Farming and the game looks amazing I hope I have some money saved so that I can pre-order this game. If you're looking to play on PS4 my gamertag is fro226 I'm really hoping this game will be exactly what I'm looking for.