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  1. Apologies for my fellow PlayStation buddy @EpikZounDz he sometimes types before he thinks, he certainly has a point and I'll do my best to clear up most of the things he said and give my own take on this update. Not all of us on ps4 find this update as annoying as others its pretty challenging and definitely demands a lot more from players. I do believe this update is just far too late though and that might be the reason why so many people hate it atm, being that most people have adapted to all the other minor changes and this is the biggest one 3 years into the game its a big change at a late stage...Although this update has definitely inspired a lot of hunters, and maybe even 'revived' the game invasions are much more frequent these days in comparison to any other update I can recall. Hunter is slightly overpowered with how quick spits explode especially on ps4 as we have auto-aim so its really easy to get a spit relatively close to a human, and if its relatively close and the speed of the spit exploding is decreased then simple math determines most auto-aim spits are going to hit this makes it increasingly difficult for humans. I do think auto-aim needs to be addressed on the console, why a setting as powerful as auto-aim is an option still bewilders me.