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  1. OnlinePolice

    Where Are You From?

    Was geht Killer Popel
  2. OnlinePolice

    Night Hunter And Other Zombies

    OK, I hope, I will not get disappointed I hope it will be a "difficult" skill tree level up system. So not everybody can get at the highest. And you don't have to play just 2 hours to be the best. Hopefully it will be a cool skill tree, so its not boring that there are just 2 abilities Pre-Ordered the game... AWESOME :pppp
  3. OnlinePolice

    Where Are You From?

    Germany!!! But... Best regards form Switzerland
  4. Hello (it's me again ) I got another questions and opened a new topic, because I'm worried if I write into the old one, that nobody reads it. 1. In the night, there are stronger zombies. When there is a night hunter (be the zombie/pvp) are there still zombies? I didn't saw one zombie in the gameplay you showed. 2. Can you just level up strength and agility? If yes, that would be little bit... disappointing Again, I'm new in here and I'm sorry if someone else asked already this question. Regards
  5. OnlinePolice

    Btz And Friends

    Awesome Thx 4 answering
  6. OnlinePolice

    Btz And Friends

    Hello I have some questions and i hope they were not answered yet. 1. I will Pre-order the game, my friend won't. I already love to play as the zombie, will I be able to join him and fight against him? Or is it random in which game I get? 2. It's a 4 player co-op game. But that's just co-op right? Because when I join someone as a zombie, it would be stupid if there were just 3 players then. Or even worse, 2 players against 2. Or is it 4v4 (4 zombies vs 4 players)? Thank you for answering my questions Looking forward to this! Best regards